Summary: A sermon about the source of peace and how to connect to it.

Finding the Source of True Peace

John 14:27

We’ve all had times of transition and turmoil – those times when our world is seemingly turned upside down. There are times of loss, times of change, times of confusion, etc.

Jesus’ disciples were facing one of those times. Jesus was talking to them about his imminent departure. All they had know for 3 ½ years was coming apart.

Maybe you’ve been there. You’ve worked at one place for many years or with the same group of people and suddenly that’s about to change. A key member of the group decides to retire or the company begins to downsize. What once seemed safe and secure is suddenly filled with fears of the unknown.

Three years ago my family and I were facing just such a time. As we prepared to move to Rock Falls we were leaving a community we enjoyed and a church we loved to come to a place where we knew no one and a church that was 3 times larger than the one we served.

We had some fear and trepidation about this move. In fact, there were times when we almost went back…

At transitional times we need someone to reassure us. Jesus spoke that reassurance into his disciples lives in John 14:27

What we need in times of fear is peace. When you wake up from a nightmare you need someone to give you peace. When your job is on the line you’d like to have peace. When you’re family is falling apart you want there to be peace.

What is peace?

peace (pçs)

[Middle English pes, from Old French pais, pes, from Latin pâx, pâc-; see pax.]


1. The absence of war or other hostilities.

2. An agreement or a treaty to end hostilities.

3. Freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations: roommates living in peace with each other.

4. Public security and order: was arrested for disturbing the peace.

5. Inner contentment; serenity: peace of mind.

So peace, in the context we are using it, is serenity or contentment in our spirit. Tranquility and composure that allows us to go about our business without turmoil in our hearts and minds.

Then, where do we find such a thing?

Should you look for peace in this life you’ll discover that there are any number of people offering it.

• Religions offer peace

• Brokers and insurance companies offer financial peace of mind

• Mattress manufacturers offer peace while you sleep

• Musicians and artists try to invoke peace through their work

• Counselors and therapists work to bring peace in our lives

But have you noticed that the results of these offers are not always what we hoped for?

Additional here.

While the sources of the world’s kind of peace may not always come through, Jesus said, “I do not give to you as the world gives.” What do you suppose he meant?

The world says…

• The bridge is OK. Then it falls.

• You’re going to recover. Then you don’t

• I’ll love you forever. Then they leave.

• You’ll be financially secure. Until you’re not.

The world tries to give peace through the illusion of having control. Over finances, over health, over weather – think Katrina – over the circumstances of life. But it’s only an illusion.

Jesus say he didn’t give like the world because he could truly control circumstances.

• Life and death

• Health

• Provision

• Even weather!!

Because He is the source of true peace, he tells us, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

That’s great. So how do I tap into this peace?

Water – water line

Electricity – outlet

Peace – Philippians 4:4-9

Do not be anxious = Don’t Worry!

Matthew 6:25-34

Present your requests to God.

Which requests? Paul says, “…in everything.” All of them.

Result: Philippians 4:7

The Peace of God

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