Summary: In order to find the will of God: 1. You have to desire God’s will. 2. You have to do what is necessary to find God’s will. 3. You have to take a step of faith. 4. You have to commit your way to God.

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I have a problem when I go to the store. There are just too many choices. I want to do something as simple as buy some cheese, but I have to decide what kind of cheese. Do I want Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, American, Pepper, Blue, Brick, Monterey Jack, Muenster, Gouda or Brie. I went to and found 652 kinds of cheese. But once I have chosen the kind of cheese I want, there are still many decisions to be made. Do I want a brick, a wedge or sliced cheese? Do I want it cubed or shredded. Do I want it sharp or mild? Do I want it from the Deli or prepackaged? A complex variety of choices is the bane and blessing of the American lifestyle.

There are hundreds of channels on satellite and cable TV. People who come here from other countries are paralyzed by the choices in an ordinary Walmart. Just buying a pair of athletic shoes can be overwhelming. So many choices.

How do you find your way in a world where there are so many choices? A lot of people make decisions according to how they feel. Decisions are largely made on the emotional level. They are guided by what feels like the right thing to do. Others try to make rational decisions. They inspect everything and read all the labels. They spend a lot of time checking out things to make sure they have made the right decision. But how does a Christian operate in the confusing world of choices? A Christian pays attention to their feelings and listens to their mind, but foremost the Christian seeks the will of God. I am not talking about which soap to buy, although how we use our money is often an issue where we should seek the mind of God. Making everyday choices can be difficult, but the bigger decisions can incapacitate us even more. So, this morning, I want to concentrate on the larger issues of setting the course and direction of our lives. When it comes to the major decisions in our lives, we need to passionately seek the will of God and follow the will of God.

If you are going to be a follower of God you will have to be a seeker after his will. The first rule in following Gods’s will is: If you are going to follow God’s will you have to desire God’s will. This sounds so basic, but there are many people who never think about asking what God’s will is in a situation. You will never discover God’s will if you are set on doing what you want to do. You have to be convinced that God’s will is important. You have to understand that if you miss God’s will for your life, you have missed everything. You have ideas about what you want to do and where you want your life to go, but do you long to find God’s will and purpose in your life? Finding God’s will must be more important than fulfilling your own plans. It means, as Paul put it, “. . .doing the will of God from your heart” (Ephesians 6:6).

I recently read about a man who was trying to lose weight. He said, “I am not much given to visions and personal revelations, but recently I had a real experience of the working of God in my life. As you know, I’ve been on a diet. I’ve been pretty good, but what a struggle. The other day I had to go downtown. As I started out I remembered the Daylight Donut Shop. They make some real world class doughnuts. Driving along I thought, ‘A cup of coffee and a doughnut would really hit the spot.’ But then I remembered my diet. So I said a silent prayer, ‘God, if you want me to stop for a doughnut, let there be a parking place right in front.’ Sure enough, seventh time around the block . . ..”

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