Summary: While traveling how many of you don’t like to get lost? When you do lose your way, or you don’t think you are on the right track what do you do? Stop and get information.

Finding God’s will: the Information Signpost.

Intro: While traveling how many of you don’t like to get lost?

When you do lose your way, or you don’t think you are on the right track what do you do? Stop and get information.

My own experience:

Others: ride all day rather than ask; some ask but only halfway listen; some only ask for show or go inside and tell the person how they are going to get there; some don’t ask because they think no one is credible to give them direction;


I have found it is very EASY to lose your way if you have not traveled the route before and especially when you run into a lot of busy traffic, which lane to get in where is the exit, etc.

In the context of finding God’s will I have also found it very easy to lose my way? Up to this point we have talked about being yielded, praying, and getting into His word, today another signpost, the information signpost. Maybe you are doing these things and you are still not clear about what God is telling you, what do you think would be a wise thing to do? Just like the directions sometimes on a piece of paper you are not completely sure of what it says or what it means what do you do?

There may be many circumstances that you encounter throughout your life where you need to stop and get some information. SEEK THE COUNSEL OF OTHERS;

What are some biblical principles concerning getting counsel from others?

1. Prov.12: 15; 15:22; CORRECT PERSPECTIVE; what do I mean by this/ we need objectivity that we ourselves will not have; and the shared wisdom of other people so we can be adequately informed; 12:15; our emotions and desires will cloud the issue; if I want out of a bad situation will I have the correct perspective? 15:22; one person cannot hope to know everything; and many times we ourselves are so discouraged, disgruntled, or dismayed, in a hurry, or want our own way we cannot possibly have the correct perspective; Now the next question IS IT COSTLY? 2 Sam.24: 1-15; what is he asking; v2; whom did he ask; v4 would Joab have the correct perspective? What did he say? What did David do with the counsel v4? What was the result of this choice? David a man after God’s own heart made a grievous error, it can happen to all of us. God has given us everything we need for life and godliness let’s embrace it and seek the counsel of others so we can have the CORRECT PERSPECTIVE; Personal Illustration about the Easter Drama;

2. Deut.19: 15; get CLEAR DIRECTIONS; should I turn here, stop here, use caution here, if I go here will I find a dead end; what about shortcuts and detours, we need to be careful when getting directions; This scripture is a passage about the Jewish legal system; Matt. 18:16 is as well; What is the point here? IT TAKES MORE THAN ONE WITNESS TO CONVICT A PERSON; HOW MANY WITNESS’S DO WE WANT BEFORE WE ARE CONVINCED TO TAKE DIRECTION? Some WILL BE angry or debate with me here, but I hear this a lot, “I just have a peace about it” Ok, good that is a start, NOW LETS’ GET A COUPLE OF MORE, ONE FROM THE WORD, AND ANOTHER FROM THE COUNSEL OF OTHERS AND EVEN MAYBE THE CIRCUMSTANCE ITSELF. What if you have a peace about marrying someone, why not take that person to the word and see if the principles of marriage applies to that person? If you are seeking to move or to take another job, why not go to the word, seek the counsel of others and see if the peace is from God. False leading will take us not to our destination, the will of God, but on a joy or not so joyous ride; So far we have seen two principles about seeking the counsel of other people, we need a correct perspective, and clear directions, next we need to be:

3. CAREFUL WITH SELECTING COUNSELERS; Proverbs 12:15; the way of a fool is right in his own eyes, for ourselves we make terrible counselors, so we need to search out carefully godly counselors; 2 Chronicles 10:1-8; the story of Rehoboam the kingdom split under his reign this was his major legacy; why/ because he was not careful with his counselors; what were his mistakes?

a. Chose his BUDDIES over the BEST; result was disastrous; don’t select someone who has a ‘dog in the fight’;

b. 24:1-2; and 15-19 chose those who will acknowledge the Lord not who will abandon Him; THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THOSE WHO ARE CORUPT AND THOES WHO ARE CORRECT; this is an important step in the process; I have seen people go from one to the other trying to find the one to tell them what they wanted to hear; so what do we look for?

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