Summary: David shows us a model of gracious copnduct that gives us a small glimpse of just how great God’s grace truly is.

Finding Your Place with the King

2 Samuel 9

I. An Injured Man (1-3)

The fact that Mephibosheth was injured (2 Samuel 4:4)

The kingdom of Saul was falling apart and there was great concern for the family of Saul. The family was in the midst of fleeing from their homes when Mephibosheth was injured.

Mephibosheth has two primary problems in his life. The first is his injury. The second problem was that he was afraid.

II. An Invited Man (4-8)

David sends for Mephibosheth and his worst fears are realized. It was bad enough for David to know where he was but to request an appearance could be nothing but bad.

Mephibosheth had chosen to hide in a place called Lo Debar and this would have been a good place to hide out. Lo Debar was a place of great desolation and it would have been an extremely difficult place to live.

David wanted to show kindness because of his deep friendship with Jonathan. David wanted to have a personal relationship with Mephibosheth and to know him on a first name basis. The desire of David was to bring blessing to the life of Mephibosheth because he had experienced so much difficulty.

Isn’t this what we have been offered by Christ? Aren’t these the same kinds of things that Jesus has given to us?

III. An Important Man (9-13)

David gave Mephibosheth all that he had lost. David had restored Saul’s land back to Mephibosheth. It is important to remember that everything that had belonged to Saul now rightfully belonged to David because he was the new king. David restores Mephibosheth to a place in the palace. The place of royal importance would never again been his but David gave it all back to him.

Mephibosheth would no longer need to live in hiding because there was no longer a threat from the king. Mephibosheth would no longer need to live in desolation because he was given a place of importance.

In the house of David Mephibosheth gained a place of security. In the house of David Mephibosheth gained a place of support. In the house of David Mephibosheth gained a place of strength.

God has rescued us from our injuries

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

God sent us Jesus to bring us back into His family and He has promised to bind the brokenness in our lives. This gives us strength and healing and wholeness. He takes the broken pieces of our lives and puts them together to make something beautiful of our lives.

God has sent us a great invitation

God sent Jesus to us and has offered us a place to spend eternity with Him. Through the life that Jesus gives to us we have found peace and strength. Jesus has given us an invitation to

God has offered us a place of importance

The simple fact is that you have great importance to God. Jesus died for you and waits to give you a place of residence in heaven with Him.

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