Summary: Fingertip Faith

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Finger Tip Faith

John 20:27

We live in a time of such convenience till everything is at our fingertips. The setting of our text has three backgrounds. The first of which is in Galilee, the night of Jesus’ resurrection. He had told the women earlier that morning to run tell Peter and the rest of the disciples to meet him in Galilee.

We find that on this particular Sunday night, they were in a room in Galilee with all the doors shut and all the windows were closed, and Jesus, the Resurrected One, walked through the walls into this room of meeting. He showed the ten, for one had killed him self and another didn’t really believe in the resurrection, but I will deal with him later. But nevertheless Jesus appeared to the 10 that were left. He showed them his hands and feet that had been pierced and his that had been speared on Friday. They all believed in him and his resurrection from the lifelessness.

As I stated earlier one had not believed. Thomas was not present. After they all were convinced it was the risen SAVIOR, THE Bible says, "He breathed on them," the Spirit of God or the Holy Ghost.

So out of their belief in the Crucified and Risen Savior, they were the recipients of the Holy Ghost. They were there in obedience to his request. They were obedient to the command or the invitation extended by Him through the women; the ten were there.

By their being there, they saw Jesus and were with Him. Whenever you are absent, you miss something. When you are not present, you must get it from someone or something else. When you are not there, you are robbed of a fair evaluation, because when you get second hand information, you get second hand quality. The one that informs you probably will tell it as they desire to, so consequently you miss some of the facts. When you are not there, you don’t know what exactly went on. You are robbed of the opportunity of being part of being a part, when you are not present.

But those ten disciples, who were there, received the best for having been there. They saw the evidence of Friday’s cruelty. When you are not there you don’t get the best. At most you only receive the leftovers, if even that much. My question to you is "Why settle for crumbs when you can have the whole slice?"

Sometimes after this setting, Thomas was the ten that had had visitations with the Lord. While they were rejoicing, they told him "Thomas, we thought it was over. We thought it had ended. We even saw Him die. It was a terrible day, that Friday. But we have learned that Friday is always followed by a Saturday, that might even be dark, but then there is a Sunday. The final indictment of Friday was in all actuality not even the final verdict. The drama doesn’t end on Friday; in fact that was only the first act. It isn’t over ’til the choir sings on Sunday. Because on that Sunday morning we heard from three ladies that went to finish the burial, that Jesus said for us to meet him in Galilee.

"We didn’t know what to expect. But we had been around him long enough to know, whenever an invitation was extended, it was of great importance. We didn’t know what would happen. But we knew if He asked us to meet him there, he would be there. So we were there, the ten of us, on that Sunday night. It was all of us except one, you.

"Before Jesus showed up, we sat and reminisced on the things we had saw and done over the past three and one-half years. All of a sudden Jesus was there in the room with us. A door had not been opened and the window remained shut, he came straight in through the wall. He saw how startled we were and how afraid we were and spoke a word of comfort to us. You know how Jesus used to talk to us when we were worried. He said ’Peace unto you’. That was enough to calm the rustling of the winds blowing through the cracks in the walls and through window. We were at peace. We were covered in a peace that surpasses all understanding. He knew that there were cocoons of doubt being spun in our minds. He knew that some of us were thinking that we were seeing an optical illusion. So in his affirming way, he showed us his wounds. He showed us his nailed pierced hands and feet. He showed us the hole in his side from the injection of that centurion’s spear. While we watched him show us these things, our minds could not help but wonder to the events of that horrific night. We vividly remember seeing the blood that drip from his head, arms and body onto the ground as an outpouring facet.

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