Summary: This is the third message in my NASCAR-themed "Finish Line" series, focusing upon teamwork principles that must be understood and applied in the family of God. (04/24/05)

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**Sermon Outline**

Being Part of a Good Team

Titus 3:12-15

A Little Review (From Week 2 - "Start Your Engines")

1. You must first have a personal encounter with Jesus. (vv. 11-12)

2. You must change some of your behaviors. (vv. 13-14)

3. You must seek a unique ministry of service that God is calling you to. (vv. 15-17a)

4. You must spend personal, quiet, devotional time in preparation for this race. (vv. 17b-18a)

5. You must seek the counsel of other experienced “racers.” (vv. 18b-19)

6. You must start your engines, and RUN THE RACE! (vv. 21-24)

Bible Truths

We must learn these important “teamwork principles” demonstrated in the relationship between Paul and Titus:

1. God intends for us to “run this race” together. (v. 12)

2. We must enthusiastically and generously support those who are “running in the lead.” (v. 13)

3. We must all do good works and be productive, contributing members of the team. (v. 14)

• When you do good works, you meet the needs of others.

• When you meet other’s needs, your own needs are met.

4. Don’t get so caught up in running the race of faith that you forget the people around you. (v. 15)

• Make sure you greet everyone.

• Always give grace to everyone.


1. Be on the lookout for your fellow believers who have needs. Don’t forget the people around you! Remember … we’re in this “race” together.

2. Give generously for the ministries of your church.

3. Become a World Changers sponsor.

4. Support the financial needs of our local mission project.

5. Remember the three minute rule. Find and greet five people you don’t know before you leave today!

**Message Plan and Transcript**

Being Part of a Good Team

Titus 3:12-15

(Speciaql Note - I have utilized the outline and message entitled “Working as a Team,” provided by Pastor Brian Bill on, as a framework for preparing this message. I simply adapted many of the points, and some of his excellent sermon text, to fit my current “NASCAR” theme.” I want to thank Pastor Bill for his unique and interesting study of Titus 3:12-15.)

Opening Illustration

A newspaper photographer wanted to get pictures of a fire so his newspaper agreed to charter a plane for him. When he arrived at the airport, he jumped into the plane and yelled, “Take off!” Once in the air, the photographer yelled to the pilot to make two or three low passes over the fire. The pilot asked, “Why do you want me to do that?” The photographer proudly replied in an overconfident voice: “Because I’m a photojournalist and I need to take pictures of the fire. Get me as close as you can!” To which the pilot answered in a very shaky voice, “You mean you’re not the flight instructor?”

(From Brian Bill’s Message, “Working as a Team.”)

Those two fellows each made one too many assumptions, didn’t they? You might say that they both had some unmet expectations. And I can guarantee you that in order to complete both of their assignments that day, they had to practice some teamwork … maybe more teamwork than they had ever attempted before.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today … the subject teamwork. How many of you have ever been part of a team? Good! Now, how many of you have ever been on a team that was great … a team that performed really well? Okay … now how many of you have ever been on a team that really stunk. I mean, it just reeked … you couldn’t win unless the other team just didn’t show up.

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