Summary: Our entire faith is based on the fact Jesus got up and didn’t stay in the ground

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

November 30th, 2014

Finish with praise again.

Isaiah 52:2

***sermon is condensed in form for easy reading.

Talk a moment/Altitude.

• Prophet talks Jerusalem/you’ve been through some stuff

• Now/time/shake off/failure/rise up and sit enthroned

• God comes to lift people up, to raise people up

Our entire faith is based/fact/he got up/didn’t stay/ground

• worst thing/could happen/person happened/God

• He got up/now he has/right/look/your situation/say you get up……………………………So tell your neighbor rise up.


Parallel/NT rise up from our text in Isaiah

• Isaiah/looking forward/Christ/Apostle Paul/after says/like…

• Eph. 2:6….everybody say raise up/beautiful picture

Shows me no matter how low I go

• Always an opportunity to rise up if I’m in Christ.

• I love that because….resurrection/Jesus not history/reality

• Paul says were seated/Christ/heavenly realms

We’re not confined/our condition when we understand our position in Christ Jesus

• He says rise up with Christ/not just history/Jesus rose

• It’s your destiny/you will rise with him because Jesus/in you


Our problem is we assess our life from/wrong altitude

• When/end our day we look/things/ground level

• God wants us/see things/where he sees things

• to do it you’ve got to rise up.

• Book/Isaiah talking/people who/going/taken captive/slaves

• a future event/speaking/them/reality/true

Only God can tell you to rise up/mind even though you can’t always rise up/your situation

• This/message about mindset

• We/think/order/rise up above something

• our situation has to change


God says I want you/able/see/same situation/you left when you came to church today from different perspective

• Because you’ve been in my presence/you got up above it

• so I’m not seated in my situation

• I’m seated with him/heavenly places I can rise up above it

• …here’s where it gets a little confusing.

• Isa. 52:2 Isaiah says I want/rise up/also want/sit enthroned

• Let’s practice this one time

• God wants you/learn how to do. Rise up/sit down. I’ll explain


Ps. 22 David/going/period of great distress/prays….ps 22:1a….

• Many/recognize/statement/Jesus hung/cross..Elio, Elio….

• Jesus/quoting David--sometimes life feels like that

• not hard/praise God/you’re feeling his favor

• What about when you’re feeling forsaken?

Not hard/get/top/your circumstance/you’re/top/world

• But when life grinds/down/dust

• Requires a different kind of faith to get above it.

• He 22:1b...

• know sometimes you have/faithful thru your groaning

Sometimes you have:

• groan your gratitude to God

• Be in a situation where you feel separate from God.

• But realize you’re seated with him all the same.


Ps. 22:2…awful.. praise prompt

• sometimes you feel/way/let’s be honest

• David/Jesus/honest say sometimes feel:

• Forsaken/feel alone

• Love this…v 3 say yet….you are holy

• Holy means set apart/above/enthroned..

• Isn’t it amazing/while Jesus/hanging/cross saying…my God..

• still crowning His God with praise.

• Saying nevertheless not my will but yours be done.


We Need/people/not only praise God when/season of favor but/we feel forsaken

• we got to learn how to build throne of praise

• Scripture say/God inhabits/praises of his people

You/middle/problem right now let me give you some advice

• build a throne of praise/midst of your problem

• God will show up/sit down/top of your situation

• Come on practice praising him …..I know you don’t have any problems but pretend that you do.

• Rise up and sit down……it’s confusing.


Luke 20/Jesus/quoting David again

• Jesus was quoting/confusing/reading/cold out/nowhere.

• I do this all week/This is Jesus..Luke 20:42

• “Lord said to my Lord” God/talking/son

• “Sit at my right hand”hand of blessing/power/authority…

• You are going to love verse 43…..

• See, it’s a progression…..I rise up then I sit down…

• When I sit down I sit/seat/above/circumstances of my life

• it gets better.

Move to congregation …..God says….here’s what I’ll do.


I got a bad report/talking about me/job stinks

put your feet up

• Remember/one you’re sitting next too

• He’s stronger than/one standing against you.

• Put your feet up….

• Haven’t fought any battles/won’t understand this message

If you’ve had some things come against you

try and take you out----you’ll give God some praise right now.

• That’s my review from last week….one little thing/this week

• Altitude/situation doesn’t have/change our mindset changes

• I got to show you Isa. 52:7..rising up/great

• being seated important

• here/picture/someone coming down/mountain

• we come to church, praise great…awesome

• Isaiah moves from altitude to action.

• He says how beautiful the feet of those…about feet

Matt 17 peter,james,john transifiguration

• Face shown bright so dazzling couldn’t even looked at it

• Peter/stay…Jesus/down/mountain/he had work to do

• you rise up sit down/also have/come down/mountain

• Question/come down/mountain what will you carry?


We don’t change the world by how we shout in church

• We change/world/what we carry/we leave church

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