Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How many days do we live/spiritual haze missing our Lord.

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

“Finish with praise”

23 November 2014

***All sermons are condensed in form***

Isaiah 52:1… can I READ again….come on Church can be fun/exciting.

History has meaning, because God is taking it somewhere, and what/vision does/set/end firmly before us and calls us to live every moment in the light of it. 2:1-5

• Isaiah/prophesying/going/taken captive/not yet/150 yrs

• Dominate notes/judgment 1st/comfort/encouraging 2nd

• They’ll come back/his words when they go/strange land

• find strength in knowing God has not forsaken them

This passage/instructions Isaiah gives/break it down

• Thanks/praise…attitude of gratitude. .got/habits/gratitude

• wait for the attitude to come it may--may not

• If/put/place habits to produce the attitude

• Start to tell/gratitude to come to you.

• Rather/waiting for it/show up out/sky or in your feelings or moods


Three words/inner composition of a grateful heart

• I’m unqualified to preach/unthankful person/lot of times

• Others can teach on thanks and praise….

• God says I need somebody/struggles/negativity

• Preach somebody push/thru/negativity/be grateful……

• three words/A Isa. 52 day/life of praise

• One day time moment thought conversation how…….


Three components…..first Awake….look Isa. 52

• Awake awake/no snooze

• Call to action people/been spiritually asleep.

Isa. Says/not going/see/presence of God in your life if you’re not first alert to the ways he’s working.

• First thing need/open up/eyes/don’t/can’t see his beauty

• Awake, Awake Zion people on edge of seat

• attitude of their heart/alert/heart is open/mind is clear

• If you’re sleeping/complacent--he’s blessing you/guiding you/moving you/missing it.

How many days do we live/spiritual haze missing our Lord.

• God says I long to bless you/reveal myself to you

• knocked out/asleep/melatonin’s you were gone

• need to get some spiritual smelling salts

• Wake up your praise/dawn/soul or you might miss him.


Read/few verse/read out of context/won’t get full meaning Isa 52:1-2 fall under this category.

• Whole book Isa. Structured in a poetic way yes

• but also conversational way as well

• People would give God a complaint/God would answer thru Isaiah comply to their complaint.

Let’s go back Isa 51:9…remember/Isa. 52:1

• God says/Awake Awake 52/people in 51:9

I’m awake I never sleep

• I don’t slumber/vacation days/sick days/leave early

• I’m here I’m here

• Your sleeping thru/blessings/got to be alert/blessings of God


Metal detector high low airport/lint/sensitivity

• You can set/sensitivity of spirit/morning when you awake

• not going/so sensitive/things hurt my feelings today

• not going/so easily offended/discouraged today

• I’m decreasing my sensitivity to discouragement

• increasing my sensitivity/awareness/your presence

• Somebody shout wake up….wake up ….


Scripture/weeping may endure for a night but joy comes/morning

• Found out morning doesn’t happen/says/AM clock

• Morning happens when you wake up

• throw covers off/open up your eyes/goodness of God

In other words, moment you decide to get up I bet you’ll see God right/middle/your circumstances/difficulties

• Open your eyes cause he’s here he’s not far away he’s here

• Be on the alert

I wish you’d shake someone next to you and ask them are you awake are you awake.

• Don’t miss this don’t sleep thru this

Mark 4:37-41…Disciples mad at Jesus

• Disciples told Jesus you need/wake up to what’s going on…

• no Jesus said to disciple you need to wake up to who I am


We spend too much time trying to alert God to our problems…

• God I got a bill over here…unresolved issue over here…

• jacked up person you need to fix um

• We think if we alert God/problem he’ll do something

Meanwhile we miss God, cause he’s standing in our problem trying to alert us of his presence.

• God saying I’m right here, right in/storm/stern

• Awake Awake Zion. We got to wake up repeat

• you who slumber--wake up/Stretch

• Stop hitting snooze wake up

• So you don’t miss God’s direction

God may have wanted to correct you of something/move to something else/but you missed/sleeping.


Always thought this proverb was pretty convicting. Pro 10:5….

• Every day you wake up/harvest/taking…..

• sleep thru it it will be to your shame

Enemy can come in and steal:

• Very blessing God planted in front of you

• praise God put inside of you

Come on wake up and praise him.


2. Attire Isa. 52:1….

• Wake up/get dressed/pick out your clothes for the day….

• Differences between male/female…What is clean…

Spiritually speaking you got to get dressed before you go out into the world or your going to get hurt.

• Clothe yourself/strength

• Make a decision/put/Isaiah calls your garments of splendor

• This/day/life of praise/I alert myself

• look out/ways God is speaking/showing himself/my life

• now I got to get dressed

• I’m ready spiritually/see God

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