Summary: A powerul revelation on how to get through the fire 1.Why does the fire come? 2.What to do in the fire? 3.What comes after the fire?

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I seriously doubt if anyone here tonight would say no to a fresh anointing, a new level of authority and effectiveness in the kingdom.

I believe that is the reason we are here, we recognize the need of fresh oil in our lives

That fact is we are living in such a time that we must have fresh fire in our lives.

(The devil is no longer hiding in the closet, he is in your face with every ungodly thing you can imagine We cannot be neutral, neither can we fall back on past experiences, we must contend for the miraculous, we must contend for power and the glory of God in our midst.

We must have fresh fire.

David Said: I shall be anointed with fresh oil

We say: We must be anointed with fresh oil

One of my favorite stories in the bible is where sampson retaliates against the philistines, he goes and catches 300 foxes then he ties them together in pairs, 150 pairs ( Then he puts a firebrand between their tales and turns them loose into the standing corn of the philistines.

I don’t think he had to try to encourage them or motivate them to run.

I think the implication is obvious (when your tails on fire nobody has to ask you to move)

When you have a fresh fire in your life you don’t have to be begged to worship God, or Pray, or Fast, You just want to.

You just want to read the word, You just want to go to church

How many here want to be a firebrand for God?

I found out that it’s real easy to say God I want to be on fire for you I want to be a firebrand,

while forgetting that if you want to be on fire for God (you have got to let him stick you in the fire).

Until those foxes had come into contact with the fire they were no threat to the enemy, after they had come in contact with the fire they caused mass destruction every where they went,

they left a trail of fire behind them.

I have to say this:

The devil doesn’t care how much you shout, jump, dance, talk in tongues, if you haven’t got any fire your no threat to him.

Many people mistake emotionalism for the fire:

Many people mistake sincerity for the fire:

Many people mistake passion for the fire:

The truth is the fire will make you emotional, and it will produce sincerity, and it will make you passionate.(but thats not the fire)

Most people think of the fire as something exciting, fun, where people are jumping up and down and running around, shouting and dancing.

The fact is the fire produces all of that but (very rarely does your fire come that way):

Your fire comes by walking through the fire

I’m talking to a group of people here tonight who are fire walkers

Fire has one main characteristic, it burns, it hurts:

There are many different kinds of fire:

The Fire of attacks on your ministry, the fire of divorce, the fire of being a parent with your child on drugs, the fire of sickness, the fire of attacks on your mind, or your emotions.

The fire of financial problems

Some of you here tonight have been going through the firey trial of your life:

and I’m here to tell you, to keep walking, don’t look back, don’t be discouraged your gonna make it.

Your going through because your going to.

From a God perspective the outcome of your fire is to prepare you for a place of greater effectiveness and greater influence.

Some of you right here tonight are walking talking miracles of the grace and the power of God, You are here because you kept on walking.

The flames were leaping all around you but you kept on walking

You could have been dead,, some say you should have been dead

others didn’t make it (like the 3 mighty men who threw the hebrew boys into the furnace)

but your still here because you kept on walking.

From the devils perspective (the fire is to steal your faith, to make you doubt Gods word, His intent is that you will become so affected by the natural circumstances that surround you, that you will believe what you see and feel more than what God has said.

Bible basic english

1peter 4:12 Dear brothers, do not be surprised, as if it was something strange, if your faith is tested as by fire:

13 But be glad that you are given a part in the pains of Christ; so that at the revelation of his glory you may have great joy.

I am going to say something that will be a little hard for some people to understand, because most of us think that everything God does is about us.

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Charles Newman

commented on Feb 23, 2008

Great sermon!! The audio is well worth the time to listen to. The text cannot come close to the encouragement that you will experience by listening to this sermon!! Keep preaching the fire brother!!

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