Summary: God has called you to become a fisher of men and not just a fisherman.

“Fishermen Need To Fish”

Luke 5:10

1. My bro and my sis I must be honest with you when I tell you that I love to fish. I love to fish. And even when the fish aren’t biting, I still just love to fish. I haven’t always loved to fish but as I grew older and came to understand the importance of relaxation in this over-stressed world, I learned how to love to fish. Now my bro and my sis when I didn’t love to fish, I still used to go fishing with those who did. Now because I didn’t like fishing, I didn’t always fish. But I was out there with the fishermen. Are you with me so far?

a. And what I discovered is that when the day was done and fishing was over, because they fished, they went home with fish and because I didn’t, I either had to beg for some of their fish or I came home empty-handed. And my bro and sis, that experience taught me a valuable lesson. And that is whenever I go fishing, the one thing I needed to do is fish. Because when fishermen don’t fish, they don’t catch anything.

b. And the reason why this world, our homes and our churches are in the shape that they’re in today is because God has called us to be fisher’s of men and yet no one is doing any fishing.

c. We’ve gotten comfortable locked up in our homes. Comfortable just staying to ourselves on our jobs and comfortable sitting in my seat on my pew in my church and not sharing the gospel and the result is like my cooler, empty. Empty churches with empty people.

d. Not only did I learn that when I didn’t fish, I came home empty handed. I also learned that when I didn’t fish, I found other things to do, like complain (elab).

i. And what happens when we don’t share with others what God has given to us. When we the fishermen, don’t fish, we began to fight. Hello somebody.

ii. When we come to church, God energizes us to go out and impact the world. But when the energy that’s supposed to be used outside of the church is used on the inside of the church, an explosion occurs (elab). Fishermen need to fish.

iii. When fishermen don’t fish, instead of casting nets, we cast stones at one another. Fishermen need to fish.

iv. When fishermen don’t fish, instead of holding out a helping hand, we point accusing fingers. Fishermen need to fish.

v. When fishermen don’t fish for the lost, we become critics of the saved (elab). Fishermen need to fish.

vi. When fishermen don’t fish, the result is church scrooges that an earthquake couldn’t move to praise and bah humbug worshippers who say it don’t all of that and beady-eyed wart searchers who point their crooked fingers at other’s weaknesses. Baby if you were fishing, you wouldn’t have time for pointing. Fishermen need to fish. And when fishermen fish, they flourished. In other words, when fishermen fish they are blessed. Has anybody been fishing?

2. Well I hear some of you saying, “Pastor, I’ve been trying, but I just can’t catch any fish.” I do what I can and I tell who I can, but the fish just aren’t biting. And I need to know what am I doing wrong. Well the answer maybe, that you’re fishing but not catching because you’re not baiting the hook properly. Come on talk to me in here. Every good fisherman knows that you must use the proper bait to catch the fish that you’re after. Am I right about it?

a. And what we must understand is that the same bait that worked with the older generation, may not work with this generation. This generation that we are dealing with now has the entire world thrown at them by the adversary, the devil.

i. And he’s updating his methods daily to keep them occupied (elab). And while he’s catching them, we, the church, we’re sitting back saying, “I’ve been doing it this way all my life. And this is the way we’ve always done it and if it worked for grandma, it will work for me (elab). We need to bait the hook with something that will catch them and keep them.

3. Jesus shows us in the text how to properly bait the hook to fish for men and come out a winner. Can I show you what Jesus does?

a. First he says that they must be interest in the bait that you’re using. (Look at vs. 3-4)

i. Jesus, who was not a fisherman by trade, got them interested in his plans which was fishing for men by showing interest in their plans which was fishing for fish.

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