Summary: The Holy Spirit brought on powerful things on the Day of Pentecost, and His effects lasted. There were Five characteristics brought on by the Holy Spirit's indwelling of saints: Devotion, Awe, Extreme Generosity, Community, and Fruitfulness.

Order of Service:


Psalms of Praise (Psalm 1, Psalm 128)

Cross Allegiance & Evangelism Tour Update


Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-41

Sermon -- Text: Acts 2:42-47

Benediction (Psalm 67)

Fellowship Time

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-41 (The Day of Pentecost, i.e. the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the amazing power He has)

Sermon Outline:

Five characteristics brought on by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost:

Introduction: Background of the event

Intro application: The Holy Spirit is powerful, and He works through us to accomplish major Kingdom work!

Main outline: What did the Holy Spirit bring about through His indwelling of the saints?

I. Devotion (2:42)

----- A. Teaching (2:42)

----- B. Fellowship (2:42)

----- C. Breaking of Bread (2:42)

----- D. Prayer (2:42)

II. Awe (2:43)

----- A. Wonders (2:43)

----- B. Signs (2:43)

III. Extreme Generosity (2:44-45)

----- A. Sharing: All things in common (2:44)

----- B. Distribution as each had need (2:45)

---------- 1. Selling (2:45)

---------- 2. Giving (2:45)

IV. Community (2:44, 46-47)

----- A. They were together (2:44)

----- B. They went to the Temple together (2:46)

----- C. They broke bread together (2:46)

----- D. They rejoiced and praised God together (2:46-47)

V. Fruitfulness (2:46-47)

----- A. The people of God had grateful hearts (2:46)

----- B. They had favor with all the people (2:46)

----- C. The Lord added to the number of those being saved daily (2:47)

Truths to take from this passage:

- The Holy Spirit is effective. His work 'works'!

- The Holy Spirit brings unity and generosity among believers.

- The Holy Spirit works wonders. Not only the amazing tongues of Pentecost, but also the community formed and the miracles experienced by the community of the redeemed!


- Pursue these qualities of the believers post-Pentecost, and let's cherish these as a local church body. Is there an area in which you would like to grow out of these?

- Are you reading or listening to this message and you haven't been added to the number of transformed people for Jesus? Be transformed! Make the decision to follow Him today!

Benediction: Psalm 67

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