Summary: An amazing prophecy of the Lord Jesus on the Cross.


A. Did you know that you can meet Jesus Christ in the Psalms?

1. Psalm 22 - pictures the Good Shepherd dying for the sheep (Jn.10:11)

2. Psalm 23 - the Great Shepherd caring for the sheep (Heb.13:20-21)

3. Psalm 24 - the Chief Shepherd coming for the sheep (I Pet.5:4)

This is past, present and future - Christ died for us, lives for us, and will one day come for us.

B. Psalm 22 presents the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ in great detail

1. Since the Jews knew nothing of crucifixion at this time, this prophecy is all the more amazing!

2. David was able to write about the Messiah centuries before He came.

C. Here’s a brief summary of what we see:

1. Cry to the Father v.1 - Matt.27:46

2. Period of Darkness v.2 - Matt.27:45

3. Ridicule of the People vv.6-8 - Matt.27:39-44

4. His thirst and pain vv.14-15; John 19:28

5. His pierced hands and feet v.16 - Lk.24:39

6. Gambling for His clothes v.18 - John 19:23-24

(Remember: He endured all these things for

you and me)


A. David was speaking of himself and the severe trial he was going through

1. He felt alone and abandoned by God.

2. This is how Jesus felt on the cross. Forsaken by His Father that we might not be forsaken (II Cor.5:21).

3. Our reproach fell upon Him - Isa.53

B. God cannot have fellowship with sin - Isa.59:1-2

1. When Christ took upon himself on sins, He was separated from the Father for that period of time.

2. Separated from the Father for the first time. Who can fully understand the anguish our Lord must have felt at that moment?


A. Imagine the Son of God being rejected by the very people He came to save!

1. Not satisfied at having Him nailed to a cross, they continued to ridicule Him as he hung there naked.

2. Here we see what has been called - THE DEVIL’S ZOO v.12

3. Notice the Bulls, Lions, Dogs and Oxen that turned up at the cross! v.13,16,21 - all chasing a worm v.6 cf. Ravenous wolves - Acts 20:27

B. When we leave God out of our lives, we behave like wild animals

1. Yet we were made for better - in the image of our Creator

2. Christ was rejected that we might live like the Children of God

III THE RISEN ONE V.22 - Heb.2:11-12

A. Now we move from prayer to praise, suffering to glory

1. The Savior is no longer on the Cross, but alive in the midst of His people leading them in praise for the victory won over death and sin.

2. That’s what makes each Lord’s Day so important.

B. We should rejoice as they did on that first resurrection morning

1. He is alive, seated at the right hand of the Father today.

2. We come each Lord’s Day to show we believe that, and appreciate

3. When we stay away for trivial reasons, we are saying that the resurrection has no longer any meaning for us.


A. He is the crowned King - King of Kings and Lord of Lords

1. Before they crucified Christ they dressed him up as a King to mock and ridicule Him

2. Pilate put the superscription on the Cross - Jesus, King of the Jews.

3. But they didn’t want Him as their King. Away with him!

B. Christ is ruling and reigning today over His Church.

1. When we become a Christian, we become a citizen in His sp. kingdom - Col.1:13

2. We submit to Him - and share His gospel that others might remember and turn to the Lord v.27


A. It is finished - Jesus said on the cross

1. "He hath done this" - what has He done?

2. Made salvation possible to all people of all ages. Matt.11:28

B. The righteous One told His disciples to Go preach the Good News

1. Before he returned to Heaven, he commanded them to start in Jerusalem and spread the message to one and all.

2. He is still calling us to do the same!

3. We are tell others of the great things the Lord has done Mk.5:19

4. We dare not and must not do otherwise - I Cor.9:16


1. On Pentecost, many were pricked to the heart by the preaching of Peter.

2. They cried out - What shall we do? Repent and be baptized was the answer.

3. They were forgiven then, as you can be today - Acts 2:37-38

4. Christ died for you, and shed His blood that you might be saved from the horrors of Hell, but enjoy the blessings of Heaven. Did He died for no reason, as far as you are concerned? Do nothing, and you are saying He went through all of that for no purpose.

Obey Him now, and show your gratitude for Jesus and all He endured to make salvation possible.

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