Summary: When we follow God he will teach us how to be a Father

We have come to this day for many of years almost more than many we can count and when we enter the mundane shores of this place called earth in our corner of the world celebration was already in progress. We do thank God for those vitally important corner stone and pillars of our culture and our families, we are appreciative that God has decided to implement a role within the scheme of the human grouping with a name similar to the one he chooses to use for himself.

I believe that every father should recognize early on that you have an identity with the father, while you are just a father, you have been allow to be called what he has asked us to call him. And I think in just in that honor alone it ought to cause us to rise to higher levels of accountability, answerability, responsibility and liability. To know that God has given me the chance to be called what people call him.

I listen to people praying, and they pray father; you know that we need you, father you’ve been there all of the time, so fathers just as God has highly lifted you up, just as God has exalted you by giving you a name similar to his own, and with such an exalted name we must seek to live an exalted example. Where shall we find our examples? We can only find our examples in the example of the father. Because if you are going to be a father, then you need to know the father, so that you will know what kind of a father you need to be.

While many of us have decided to check-in, monitor, to measure and evaluate our roles of the secular stereo type standards, of the secular world, many have allowed our presidents to be set by them. Instead of going to church, we go to jail, instead of coming to bible study we rather go to the clubs, instead of tasting of this new wine, we rather have Wild Irish Rose, instead of having one women that we can believe in and trust in and love until the day that we die. We rather be the play boy and see how many that we can conquer, our influences are all wrong.

But I believe that men that want to have the kind of families that God intend when he joined us together, must have another approach of living.

If we are looking forward to having the best of the best, the right type of lifestyle, the best of living and to have great accomplishments then we are going to have to turn to higher examples.

I say this because I keep talking to father’s who are frustrated, aggravated, irritated, disturbed, annoyed, perturb, discourage and upset because they don’t have clarity about what it is we are too do.

We have already discovered that it is easy to become a father but it is hard to be one. It really only takes a few seconds to plant the seed but it takes a live time to nourish the seed that was planted. Yes, we appreciate the time that it takes us to perform the act, but nobody told us that we had to spend a live time after the fact.

Brethren’s, being a father requires, dedication, devotion, research, commitment, and a little time.

There are many demands and many requirement that are needed if you have any intent of being the kind of a father that is pleasing to the one who set the president for what father must be like. I believe that there is one direction that we should be able to follow when it comes down to fatherhood.

I’ve come this morning to look at this word and see how our father invites us to relate to him, how he invites us to engage him and he starts off by beginning with communication. As a father, you and I must stay in constant communication, and communication is normally 2 ways it’s not a one way thing. We speak and then we listen, and we get that example from God himself because God hears our most despairing cries,

He listen to us moan and complain, he listens to all of our nagging, nick-pick, our grumbling, and our criticizing, and God don’t mind because God never plan on being our father without us having excess to him, so our children must have excess to us.

So what Jesus was saying while he was talking to his disciples, he said here is that I want too do. He says I want to show you how to engage in conversation with the father. If God the heavenly father, if he wants to be engaged with conversation then surly we as natural fathers ought to be engaged in earthly conversation with our children.

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