Summary: Followers Must Sometimes Be A Nathan

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Lesson 10 of the Follow Me Series

Followers Must Sometimes Be A Nathan

2 Sam 7

Grady (doc) Henley


You can pray and cry your eyes out until there are no tears left regarding a loved one to be saved. But, the facts still remain if you want to see that certain someone saved, you are going to have to pray, live what your profess, and witness to that loved one.

Someone hurt your feeling and you do not know what to do about it? You can pray. You can cry. You can write Dear Abby or Ann Landers, you can take your gripe to one of the brainless shows on television where people sit around and talk about the injustice done unto them and the fact still remains, nothing will change.

Regardless of the situations in your life, there comes a time when you will have to accept the fact that if you want something done, you will have to do it yourself. You will also need to be acutely aware that your task may not be a pleasant one, but remains something that God has called you to do. How you go about righting the wrong, restoring relations, or witnessing to a loved one depends upon several things including your testimony, being in God’s will, and God sending you, etc.

Such is where the prophet Nathan found himself on at least two occasions. One time it was a minor thing that he had to correct wherein he was as much at fault as was David. The second situation was more intense. An injustice loomed over the nation. Sin lived in the kingdom of Israel. Many folks knew about it, but no one was doing anything other than talking. Someone had to face the problem. Someone had to face the guilty. Someone had to reveal the error of their ways so that justice could be carried out as ordained.

Such is where you may find yourself. God may burden your heart to restore a relation, one of which you feel you were not the instigator of the lost fellowship and you do not believe it is your place to start the reconciliation process. However, the Lord may see things differently and if would behoove us to see things in light of His eyes.

If you want some things changed in your life or to see a wrong made right, duty may demand that you must play the role of Nathan! Should the Lord lead you to be a Nathan, I believe it wise to study what little we know of the man so that (y)our mannerisms will match his. That is, if we want the same results.


Little is known about the person in the bible named Nathan the prophet. The word Nathan appears approximately 43 times in scripture. About 35 of these refer to the prophet in our study. Sixteen of the thirty-five or so occurrences refer to him as ‘Nathan the prophet.’ (Only Jeremiah the prophet is addressed more often as a prophet than Nathan. The prophet is associated with Jeremiah 25 times.)

According to ‘Unger’s Bible Dictionary’ Nathan lived in the reigns of David and Solomon. That he had influence with the two greatest kings of Israel says much for the man. That his word was obeyed without question is an understatement.

A. Made and Corrected His Mistakes;

The first time he is mentioned in scripture is in 2 Sam. 7:2. He appears on the scene, with out a background check, and maintains a close relationship with King David and Solomon.

Our introduction to the prophet is as if we are joining the king and the prophet in the middle of a conversation concerning the king’s new house. Though we are not told as biblical fact, I believe these two men are discussing King David’s new house and how great it would be to build the Lord a house more magnificent than the king’s.

How might you ask, do I come to believe such? The reason is human nature has not changed since creation save those that are born again. Folks three thousand years ago discussed the same topics with the same emotions as folks in the 21st century. Furthermore, once a person builds a house, a subtle signal is conveyed to all. What you are saying is “I am here to stay and my new house is proof!” For a king to build a palace tells the surrounding kingdoms: “I have subdued my enemies and I am at home and at peace with the world.”

Just as a side note, folks in 2004, regardless of the country wherein they live are doing the same three things that people did 5,000 years ago: living, working, dying. That is it. Some live better; other live worse. Some work harder; some work smarter. Some die young; some die old. Some die saved; others die lost.

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