Summary: Following Jesus

Many of us are following as Peter was afar off.

Jesus commanded us to take up our cross daily and follow Him.

The cross identifies us as His followers so it behooves us to follow close to our Lord, our Master, our General, our Savior.

Why follow Jesus?

I. Not because we have to. No compulsion. We’re not slaves. Slaves are forced to serve.

II. But because of love for Him. We follow not afar off, but close. Draw nigh unto Him.

How do we follow Jesus?

I. We must follow his prescribed way.

Luke 22:20 when Jesus took the cup after supper He said: "This is the new test. In my blood which is shed for you.

Eph 1:7 Redemption through way or crossway of His blood. (like door) Forgiveness of sins Rom 3:23 - 5:12

Repentance. Condition of the heart. Not washing filth of flesh but guilt of sin.

II. We follow Jesus by accepting baptism at the hands of His church. Scriptural baptism. Not pouring or sprinkling. Acts 8:38, 39. They went down into the water and they came up out of the water.

What is the reward for saved people following Jesus His way?

I. Great blessings! Unto us are given exceeding great and maniforld blessings.

Blessing of living, working, witnessing, giving first ourselves then our money.

I Cor. 3 Our life our building our work saved. A great reward.

What is the consequence of not following or following afar off?

I. We backslide as Peter did.

II. We get cold and indifferent as Peter did.

We must warm ourselves at the enemy’s fire. We say to lost world we don’t know him.

III. We become content to say we have done enough. We fail to work, witness, give. The cause of bitter crying. I Cor. 3 Our works burned.

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