Summary: Lesson’s about God approach to Jonah’s rebellion.

Following God when I don’t want to: Message Notes

Aug. 18th 2002

The story of Jonah is probably one of the most famous stories in the Bible. Most people I talk to remember one thing about this book, he was swallowed by a big fish. There is a lot more to this book than that story, in fact Jonah is an honest representation of human nature. He was ask to go to a place he did not want to go and to speak to a people he despised. How would any of us respond to such an assignment? The ‘place’ of forgiveness, ‘looking out for someone else’s interest before my own’, submission, all of these are ‘places’ we usually ‘run’ from when ask to go. What is God’s response to Jonah and to me when “I don’t want to go where He assigns?

1. Jonah’s journey away. 1:1-2; the first step when ask to go to Nineveh; an important note to remember: The word of the Lord came to him, not just a feeling one way or another;

a. The assignment; v2

b. His attitude v3

c. God’s approach to his rebellion; v4-13 (more verses to His approach than to his rebellion) THE FIRST LESSON: God prevents us from running away in peace.

2. Jonah’s journey back. 2:1-10 THE SECOND LESSON: God prepares a way to come back.

a. Recognized just where he really was; v1-2

b. Realized God’s hand in this matter; v3-6a (Jonah got what he wanted but did not want what he got)

c. Repentance toward God; 6d; it is the grace of God that leads to repentance

3. Jonah’s journey in. Chapter 3; this journey is strictly by faith; Going in to this circumstance has to be by faith; …”the life I now live I live by faith… Gal 2; 20;

4. Jonah’s journey ends; in bitterness; I wish the story ended at chapter 3 but there is another chapter. We don’t know what happened to him but in all likelihood he left that place in bitterness. He is angry with God because He gave his grace to a people he despised. In his view they deserved judgment not grace

THE THIRD LESSON: God has a people or a person on his heart when He gives an assignment.

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