Summary: When God calls someone to a task or area, how does He do it? This sermon uses the example of the calling of Saul as to the principals that relate to everyone.

Following the Call of God


Rev. Mark Hiehle

Are you following the Call of God in your life? Are you realizing the potential of the purpose for which you were created? These are questions that spark interest and intrigue in almost everyone’s mind because we want to be part of something bigger than we are and something that really matters. The book by Rick Warren entitled, “The Purpose Driven Life” testifies to this fact as it set phenomenal records on the New York Best Sellers list. It is true; each of us is unique and created for a purpose. It is also true that the Lord desires to use you to make a dramatic difference. Just as Mordecai said to Esther in Esther 4:1, “…who knows that you are not where you are today for such a time as this?” Consider also the truth found in 2 Chronicles 16:9 that says to us, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” This means that our Heavenly Father is looking for people to use. He is looking for people whom He can call to do a special task and fulfill a special mission. Is that your desire – to be used in a powerful way for His purposes?

God’s call is always unique for each person, but there are benchmarks that are consistent that you can count on being true for every person as well. They are both scriptural and practical as you seek to know God’s call upon your life. Consider the following principals found in the calling of Saul and how they relate to your life too.

With your Bible in hand, discover with me the process of following God’s call in your life. In 1 Samuel chapter 9 and following, the account of the calling of Israel’s first king is recorded. As chapter 9 begins to unfold in verses 1-7, we are told that Saul was the son of Kish, a Benjamite. Saul’s father had sent him on a task to recover donkeys that had wandered away from home. It was during the journey to find the lost donkeys that the Lord intervenes into the everyday mundane of life in order to call Saul to something extraordinary. In researching this topic Biblically, and in the testimonies of countless others, this foundational truth has been reiterated over and over again.

God uses ordinary people and He calls them

in the midst of the ordinary duties of life.

It was during the mundane, non glamorous task of donkey duty that God invaded Saul’s life and set him on a path of divine design. The same is or will be true for you. It will be during the regular everyday of living that you will be called to undertake a God ordained mission. Therefore, don’t become discouraged if you are in the midst of what you might consider donkey duty, but seek the Lord in the middle of your present tasks for His direction and leading. In verse 5, Saul was ready to give up the search and return home. It was then that the servant who was with Saul suggested that before they quit, they ask for God’s direction. May I encourage you to do the same? Ministry can be very draining and exhausting as you deal with the daily grind of problems and pressures. It is easy to begin to work in your own strength and then become discouraged. When you feel like quitting, step back and recommit your way to the Lord. Remember that He is your strength, provider and defense. He will not only make your path straight, but He will take you to new places where you will experience Him in ways you have never dreamed possible. How do we know that this is true? Because God is working behind the scenes.

God moves ahead of us, setting the stage, preparing the way.

In verse 15 of chapter 9, we are told that the day before Saul was to meet Samuel the Prophet, the Lord had spoken to Samuel and revealed His plan concerning Saul. In the same way, the Lord is working even now with you in mind. It could be that an answer to prayer has not arrived because the time is not yet right, or the pieces of the divine puzzle have not yet been fully assembled. God’s timing is always perfect – never early and never late. So many times in my own life as I have looked back I could trace the hand of God. The problem is that many times we are impatient because we can not see our future clearly now. Our real need is to walk by faith and trust the Lord for the details, and the doors to open in His perfect timing. Since God’s desire is to use you and to bless your faith, resist the temptation to run ahead of him, but rely upon His ability to set the stage for your role to be played in His great plan.

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