Summary: How beautiful are the Words of the Lord in this Psalm.

Following Hard After The Lord

Scripture setting Psalms 63:1-11

Text. Psalms 63:8 “My soul followeth hard after Thee.”

How beautiful the Words of the Lord. David the king of Israel utters them. This Psalm is a song that he sang to the Lord. It was often sung by Israel. The sweet singer of Israel is the author. In the song we see the true heart of a man called David. Notice the word “hard.” It suggest an earnest effort to follow the Lord at all costs. The writer suggest some characteristics of those who are willing to follow the Lord.

1. When We Follow Hard After the Lord We Must have a Personal Relationship with the Lord. vrs.1

a. David calls on the Lord, “O God, thou art my God.”

b. David personally identifies with the Lord calling Him “My God.”

c. He does not say, “any God” or “the God.”

d. David is calling on God from his heart.

2. When We Follow Hard After the Lord We Must Desire His Fellowship.vrs. 1

a. David sought the Lord early. “Early will I seek thee.”

b. David’s flesh long for the Lord. “ my flesh longeth for thee in dry and thirsty land.”

c. David compares his quest for the Lord like a thirsty vagabond.

d. Nothing else would satisfy David.

e. He must have the sweet fellowship of the Lord.

3. When We Follow Hard After the Lord He will Give us a Song of Praise. vrs. 3 & 4.

a. Some one wrote a beautiful chorus from these verse:

“Thy loving kindness is greater then life,

My lips shall praise thee,

Thus will I bless thee

I will lift up my hands in thy name.”

b. Lifting up hands is a sign of surrender.

c. David is aware of God’s loving kindness in every situation.

d. When we praise the Lord our soul is lifted up.

4. When We Follow Hard After the Lord God Gives Us a Song of Satisfaction. vrs.5

a. David’s focus was clearly on the Lord.

b. Things of the world do not satisfy.

c. The joys of the world are but for a moment.

d. David’s focus on the Lord was “as marrow and fatness.”

e. David compares the joy of the Lord with rich, delicate food.

5. When We Follow Hard After the Lord Our Mind Will Be Stayed On Him. v.6

a. David’s thoughts are on the goodness of the Lord.

b. A great way to close out a busy day.

c. Only the Lord can give the body and soul peace of mind.

d. Anyone can find sweet solitude in the Word of the Lord.

6. When We Follow Hard After The Lord We Will Find Great Joy. v.7

a. Under the wings of the All-mighty we can find contentment and joy.

b. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

c. Under His wings area safe haven free from all fear.

7. When We Follow Hard After the Lord the Enemy Cannot Over Take Us. v. 9&10

a. The enemy is condemned already.

b. Jesus defeated Satan on the cross.

c. We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.

Conclusion: Following hard after the Lord is not difficult when He is ever present. If we follow hard after the Lord He will follow hard after us.


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