Summary: This sermon teaches the joyful end of a faith filled relationship with God.

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Introduction: The bible records a long list of men who lived and died. But suddenly the list is interrupted by a man whose end is described this way; "For God Took Him." Death did not take him. Sickness did not take him. Old age did not take him. Time did not take him. Deterioration and decadence did not take him. Satan did not take him. But the text, says that God Took Him.

What was it about Enoch that God so highly honored him? Three things come to mind immediately.

1. Faith in God (Faith pleases God)

2. Favor of God (Faith produces favor)

3. Fellowship with God (Enoch’s faith provided an atmosphere that God delighted in)

4. What kind of faith do you have? Does it please you or God?

Conclusion: Let each of us strive to pursue the Enoch kind of faith. The kind of faith that will allow us also to be taken by God.

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