Summary: Satan is both cunning and cruel. He attacks when least expected and desires to destroy completely those whom he attacks. He wants to rip apart your emotions,your relationship with God,every blessing and every plan God has for your life!

Job 1:7 “And the Lord said to Satan, “From where do you come?” So Satan answered the Lord and said “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.”

1st Peter 5:8 “ Be sober, be vigilent; the adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”

Be sober- means to be self diciplined, to think rationally and not foolishly.

Be vigilent- means to be alert to the spiritual pitfalls of life and take appropriate steps to make certain that we do not stumble.

Like a roaring lion- Satan is both cunning and cruel. He attacks when least expected and desires to destroy completely those whom he attacks.

INTRO: There is a Devil who is on the job trying to rip you apart

The Bible says that the enemy roams the earth seeking whome he may devour. It also says that he comes only to steal kill and destroy. Satan wants you to burn in hell with him and all of his demons. He is one angry little buger that won’t stop trying to take you out, until you go on to be with the Lord, or until Jesus comes back to get His Church.

Here are three Facts you should be aware of when “Recognizing your Adversary”

1. He wants to rip up your emotions and cause you to doubt your relationship with God

2. He wants to rip away every blessing that God has given you and he wants to destroy every plan that God has for your life.

3. He wants you to focus on every closed door SO THAT you dont see all the other open doors in your life.

FACT 1 He wants to rip up your emotions and cause you to doubt your relationship with God.

Satan wants to rob you of your joy and your peace. He wants you to feel down and out. The enemy wants to seperate you from God, causing you to lose that peace that surpasses all understanding, causing you to lose the joy of the Lord. Let me be frank, don’t be a spiritual wimp! Stand on the rock of your Salvation. Dont be seperated! Dont punk out to the devil. Be a spiritual warrior. When you get that fiery dart shot at you. Catch it, tie a scripture to it and thrust if back.. When I say Dont be a spiritual wimp (to me that sounds a little harsh)...but I mean it. I want to be speak to you from my heart. Children of the Lord, If you have met God. If you have expierienced His power. If you have joined me, with a thankful heart, in offering praises to Him. If your tounge has tasted the things of God. Then I believe that you know all that God is capable of doing in your life. Then I know that you can stand on Scriptures like 1st Peter 5:10 that tell us that God will build us up in a firm foundation and He will make us steadfast and immovable when the enemy comes in to attack. When Satan charges in with that spirit of lonliness, fear, discomfort, weakness, bitterness, hatefullness, etc… You need to strap on the the full armor of God. [Ephesians 6:10-20] You need to ask God to fill you with the Joy of the Lord and the Peace of God. [Philippians 4:6-7] Walk in the Spirit of God and enjoy the fruit of the Spirit such as Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, etc [Galations 5:22]

When writing this sermon, I was actually answering an e-mail that my friend had written me. He is a close friend of mine and dear brother in the Lord. I know he has a desire to serve God and I know its his will to have a life in complete submission to Jesus Christ. My friend has been going through some trials like us all. He emailed me these words:


you’re right. i am really needing to talk. i don’t know what to

do. i am stuggling in school, but the worst part of it all is

this- i know that i haven’t been giving God the time that he

deserves, i feel like i’m being unfair to ____, i feel like i

can’t LEAD her, i feel like i can’t take care of myself, let

alone her. i feel desolate, as if i’m about to be judged for my

negligence… i’m afraid, i’m tired, i’m sick…”

Eric, i’m suffocating inside...


Your Friend

Now this took me for a turn because I know him. We have sat down and prayed together. We have sang praises together. Every chance we get, we tell of how God is continually shedding his grace on our lives. The Spirit is on my friend, this Man of God. But He has come to a point in his walk where the enemy has pitched his tent near by. He has been distracted from his relationship with God and has been suffering from the darts of the enemy.

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