Summary: Esther’s life was an isolated story. This theme of standing up for righteousness is threaded throughout all of human history.



On Wednesday nights during the Bible Study Hour, we have been conducting a Case Study on the Book of Esther. If you have not participated with us during this exciting series, you have been missing a tremendous treat – We are having a joyous time filled with learning and laughter. We have just concluded the first six chapters with four chapters remaining.

At the end of our Bible Study we will set a date to have dinner in Fellowship Hall and watch the movie entitled “ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING” dinner and have some Popcorn and Iced Tea and Fellowship –

• If you have not seen the movie - One Night with the King is a historical epic film that was released in 2006, here in the United States

• The movie is based on the novel Hadassah: One Night with the King by Tommy Tenney and Mark Andrew Olsen

• The movie - One Night with the King is a dramatization of the Biblical account of Esther, who risked her life by approaching the King of Persia to request that he save the Jewish people

• The movie was produced by Matt and Laurie Crouch

• It was ninth on the list of highest-grossing motion pictures during the week it was released

• The film received a 2007 CAMIE Award

• We invite the whole Church family to come out to experience this ‘Movie Night’ stay tuned for details

The challenge Esther received is found in this text we have read in support of this morning’s message. It may very well be the challenge that our Savior has for you at this point in your life.

• Why are you positioned where you are?

• Why do you work where you work?

• Why do you live where you live?

• Why do you go to School where you go to School?

• Why do you go to Church where you go to Church?

• You do what you do because God has assigned you there - and here – “FOR SUCH AT TIME AS THIS”

Every now and then, we find ourselves at a moment in time that might be called a “Pivot Point” in history.

• In Sports we call it the time for a big play - the time when the game is on the line

• In the Military, it’s “D-Day” – the battle that will win or lose the war

• In Business, it’s the sale that will put you over the top and into the black for the fiscal year

Why are you here in this moment in time?

• Many we grew up with are no longer here

• Those we went to School with, some have gone on to glory

• Relatives much younger than we have been sleeping in the grave

• Yet, here we are at a Pivotal Point in history for our Nation and our Church

• Why are we still here?

• What has God equipped us to do for this season?

In this text this morning we get a glimpse as to the turning point in Esther’s life. The challenge Esther received is found in ESTHER 4:14 and it may very well be the challenge that our Savior has for you at this point in your life. “WHO KNOWS BUT THAT YOU HAVE COME TO YOUR POSITION IN LIFE FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?” In other words, God has placed you where you are, not just to enjoy the benefits of life in Ardmore of America, but to –

• Build His Kingdom

• To Help His People

• To Fulfill His Purposes

Can I tell you this morning just in case you don’t realize - God created you for a divine appointment

• A unique role to fulfill in your life - just like Esther!

• There is something you can do for God that no one else can do

• A God-given niche only you can fill

Don’t think for a moment, “well, Pastor, I have already fulfilled that assignment years ago.”

• If your assignment were over, you would not still be in the land of the living

• If your assignment has been fulfilled you would have made your transition

• Sometimes we have the tendency to think, “Well let the young ones do the work now”

• You are still here – FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS

I don’t know what you think of when I say the words “key player in God’s plan” – you probably think of someone in Vocational Ministry - but I hope you will start to think of the man or woman in the mirror -- You are also a “Key Player in God’s Plan.”

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