Summary: Bible Study in 1st Samuel

The books of Fist and Second Samuel are books of transition. They mark the transition from the period of judges to the establishment fo the kingdom of Israel. The basically record the lives of three men Samuel, Saul and David.

First Samuel starts out with the story of the birth of Samuel. It records the story of his godly parents Elkanah and Hannah. Even though Elkanah was a godly man who regularly worshiped and served the Lord, it was obvios from the beginning tha the had at least one serious problem at home, he had two wives.

Polygamy was not God’s original design or intent for mankind.

Jesus gave the standar in Matthew 19:4-6

Monogamy is the standar for the human race.

1. From the beginning God created a monogamous marriage - Gen 1:27, 2:21-25

2. Following God’s establishing it this was the general practice of the human race - Gen.4:1

3. The law of Moses commands it - Deut.17:17

4. The warning against polygamy is in various passages 1st Kings 11:2

5. Once again the Lord taught this Matt. 19:4

6. The NT stresses it 1st Cor.7:2

7. Paul insisted as a requirement of the Church leader 1st Tim. 3:2, 12

Simply because the Bible records the sin of polygamy, it does not mean that God approved it.


There was a great division in the family and Elkanah by making differences between the two women, only made things worst.


Instead of "making the best of a bad situation" Peninnah mde the worst. It seems that she took a lot of pride in having "many sons and daughters"

Jealousy and bitteners will show sooner or later:

Notice how jealousy and bitterness always work

a. Jealous and bitter words attack another’s weakness.

b. They are design to hurt.

c. They are normally said in the worst time

d.Cause emotiona, spiritual and even physical damage.

Read James 1:26


She did not try to convinced God, or bragain with Him but offer her best, and pour her heart to Him

IV - HANNAH’S SON - 1:19-20

It is interesting how the life of Samuel begins even before he is born. It tells us a lot about a life in itself even before it is born. God had a plan for the child. God has a plan for each one of us and the greatest blessing is to be able to follow God’s plan, God’s will in everything we do.


She not only made a promise to God, she actually fulfilled that promise. It must have been very hard but here we have a woman that once her prayer was answered did not forget about the ONE who had answered it.

VI - HANNAH’ SONG - 2:1-10

It is interesting to note that this song is not about herself or even her son. It is not about her victory over her rival. It is simply a song to praise God.

Do we pray? Do we really believe when we pray that He is able to answer our prayers? Are we faithful as God is? Do we have gratitude in our hearts for the Goodness or our God?

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