Summary: This is a sermon commemorating the years of gospel service of the patriarchs of the Walker Family.

Foremost, I want to give the honor that is due to patriarchs of the Walker family that labors and toils in the thankless and often overworked profession of the gospel ministry. My late father, Rev. Roosevelt Leon Walker, Jr. preached for over 50 years before his death. My uncles, Bishop George Walker and Rev. Claude Christopher have continued to preach in the AME Zion church for more than forty years. All of the children and most of the grandchildren of the late Rev. Roosevelt Leon Walker, Sr. are now actively preaching and/or pasturing. I, myself, have been privileged to preach for more than 36 years. However, despite the pain and sadness every pastor or preacher feels as they watch people quickly neglect and even deny their relationship with God for the foolishness offered by the world, there is still much joy and happiness in my soul when I see one person start a real relationship with God.

However, God has a serious problem with the children of God seeking religion rather than a relationship with him. We must come to understand that religion or denominations are just a title or a bunch of words that has no useful meaning. The religious labels that we have allowed our society to place on the church of God will only serve to tell God where we stand. Our religions and denominations tell God that we stand for and with the foolishness that has taken control our world. When we allow ourselves to serve religion or a denomination, we not only serve an ideal of who someone else thinks God is; we are actually serving a false god.

However, when we establish a relationship with the true God, we find out who he is for ourselves. This happens because we are no longer dependant upon the fallible information that comes from someone else. This happens because in our relationship with God, the Holy Spirit of God leads, guides and instructs us in the truths and wisdom of God. The Holy Spirit of God takes up permanent resident in our heart to help us develop and grow into the men and women of God. The Holy Spirit will empower us to stand against the wiles of Lucifer. The Holy Spirit of God will empower us to lead other into a relationship with God.

Because of the current Global Economic Catastrophe, many people are now looking to God for help. Therefore, as we commemorate the longevity of the gospel service of the patriarchs of the Walker family, let us determine in ourselves to follow their examples of service to God and not a religious institution or ideology. Let us come to understand the need for each of us to develop a relationship with God that will lead us into the harvest fields of the world. Although there are a great multitude of denominations, mega churches and ministries, there is a greater need for dedicated men and women in the gospel ministry and in the harvest field. There is a need for dedicated men and women of God that will not preach religion. There is a need for dedicated men and women of God that will lead them not to a church building or religion but to a relationship with God.

As always, may God bless each of us,

Pastor Reginald Levi Walker

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