Summary: exposition on Matt ch 18


Matthew 18 v. 21 - 35

Psalm 130 v. 3 & 4 "if thou Lord shouldest mark iniquity, O Lord who shall stand?"

v. 4 "but there is forgiveness with thee,that thou mayest be feared"

1. The question of forgiveness v. 21 "how oft shall my brother sin, and I forgive him", in context of certain steps taken i.e. in going to him, in going to the church, and in his hopefully repenting, i.e. if I confront him, and he repents how often should I forgive him. 7 times?

2. The extent of forgiveness,the world says never, Jewish tradition said 3 times -" for three transgressions of Israel, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof. Over 3 times and you’re more forgiving than God. Peter suggests 7 times, Lord says indefinitely v 22, 70 times 7, limitless forgiveness while penitence is real

3. The example of forgiveness v. 23 - 35 - the king v. 23 - 27

(a) v. 23 The kings records - i.e. accounts of all his servants -he was a good book keeper

(b) v. 24 The kings right 10,000 talents i.e. two and a half million pounds -an immense debt of sin figuratively speaking

(c) v. 25 The kings response - the debtor was to be sold and all he had - the debt had to be paid

(d) v. 26 The servants request v. 26, it was timely, truthful, v. 26 "I will pay"; and touching v. 27

(e) v. 27 The kings release - it was compassionate, complete "he was forgiven," and commendable

The servant v. 28 - 30

(a) v. 28 His reaction - went out and found his debtor of five pounds

(b) v. 28 His response - he took him by the throat

(c) v. 29 His request "have patience" - timely, truthful, and touching (same words used)

(d) v. 30 His request - he would not - he was forgiven but he didn’t forgive - prison was used

The fellow-servants v. 31 angels perhaps?

(a) v. 31 Their revelation "they saw"

(b) Their remorse "they were very sorry" i.e. for the man in prison,at the meanness of the servant, at the misrepresentation of the Lord

(c) Their report "all that was done"

The outcome v. 32 - 34

(a) v. 32 His rebuke - O thou wicked servant

(b) v. 33 His responsibility i.e. to have compassion on others

(c) v. 34 his rejection - he was delivered to the tormentors for eternal punishment, he could never pay

The lesson v. 35

(a) God cancels all the debt of penitent sinners

(b) God expects his children to do the same

(c) God will require it of us if we don’t.

4. The grounds of forgiveness - always repentance

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