Summary: Let the wicked forsake his way.


Luke 5:1-11 To me this is one of the greatest lessons of the New Testament. Jesus here taught one of the greates lessons taught anywhere to His disciples.

I. The man that is called to service is not to leave it for any of his former activities.

JH.21. Simon said "I go a fishing!"

The others said we go too. Follow the leader. Peter - a leader = fishing for worldly fish.

A. They had fished and labored all night and had had no success. They had given up. When God called men forsake their calling failure is the ultimate result.

B. We become so engaged trying to make a living. We ask for trouble. We engage in failures. Weakness manifested - the day shall declare it.

II. If activity is supervised by Jesus, and done accoding to his instructions: it must of necessity be a success.

A. Misguided activity must fail.

B. The command of Jesus was to launch out into the deep. Jesus knew where the fish were. We are a failure without his instructions.

C. Let down your nets for a draught. Following the comomand of Jesus is not going to be a fruitless effort. May be against our will.

III. Lord there is no fish out there. We have laboured all night. Never the less at Thy command I’ll do it. JH.2I. says there was 153 big fish. At the command of Jesus we must go.

Follow Me - Leave the wicked world.

IV. Jesus said from hence forth thou shalt catch men. Catching of men more important than any other occupation. Lots of big fish in the sea of world.

V. From sin to Kingdom service. They forsook all and followed Jesus. They forsook a 153 big fish. What if they did spoil? What good were they? A job greater.

What are we interested in, material fish or spiritual fish? Have you forsook all for Jesus?

ISA 55:7 Let wicked forsake his way.

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