Summary: What does it take in each individual Christian to cause him or her to make a difference? Here are four good examples.

Four Men and Three Modes

Luke 5:16-26

The scene is in Capernaum about 20 miles from where Jesus performs His first miracle in Cana. By now Jesus had performed six miracles all in this same region near Galilee.

See: Luke 5:15 so much more went there a fame abroad of Him…

Vs.17 There are people here that had travel about a hundred miles

Jesus is teaching but the highlight of this passage is the man sick of palsy brought to Jesus by four men.

Mark 2:3 four men that bore the one man sick of the palsy

There are several things that I believe led these four men to bring this one sick man to Christ:

1. Their Conscience

Perhaps they said: Why should he not have the ability to walk as we

Certainly their conscience would not allow them to do nothing!

See: 2 Cor. 1:12 Paul says the testimony of our conscience…more abundantly to you-ward

See: Acts 24:16 A conscience void of offence toward God and toward all men

Mention: Romans 9:1-3 My conscience bearing me witness

2. Their Caring

Mention: Psalms 142:4 I look on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man the would know me; no man cared for my soul.

The man here sick of palsy is a picture of someone who required immediate care all his life..

My conscience and caring I realize is not enough if I do not demonstrate Compassion!

See: James 2:14-16 A picture of conscience and caring without compassion

3. Their Compassion

Compassion is that which causes you to do something!

See: Luke 10:30-33

See: Matt. 14:14 When Jesus saw the multitudes He was moved with compassion toward them.

Mention: Matt. 9:36 Jesus in seeing the multitudes was moved with compassion

It was this compassion that drove the Lord to the cross of Calvary!

Point: I know we can not help everybody with every situation, but we all can do something at God given opportunities.

We all can be a witness unto the lost!

Mention: Jude 1:22 And some having compassion making a difference

4. Their Commitment

See: Luke 5:18-19 They sought means to bring him in unto Jesus

• I do not know how far they carried this man

• I do not know how heavy this man was

• I do not even know who this man was unto them

“They sought means to bring him in unto Jesus”

See: Luke 5:4-5 Nevertheless at thy Word

The Three Modes:

1. The Critical

Our society is full of lost people

2. The Christians

3. The Christ

See: Luke 5:23-24 The Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins

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