Summary: This is a story about a rich man that made four mistakes and lost the most important possession he could have.


Text: Matthew 19:16 – 26


• Mistakes – we all make them

• Some not as serious as others

• Wearing navy blue socks instead of black

• Forgetting to write down a $500 withdrawal in check book

• Look at four mistakes made by a rich man

A. Concerning his opinion of Jesus (v. 16a)

• He thought Jesus was only a man

Matthew 16:13 – 17

i. John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, prophets

ii. Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God

• Jesus tried to get him to see who He was (v. 17)

• Not just a man, teacher, prophet, good example, godly man, but sinless Son of God

B. Concerning his understanding of salvation (v. 16b)

• He thought salvation came through works

Ephesians 2:8, 9

• Not church, prayer, giving, volunteering, baptism, etc.

C. Concerning his view of himself (v. 20)

• He thought he was righteous

Romans 3:10, 23

• Jesus listed 5 commandments, and another commandment that was a summary of 2nd tablet (all dealing with relationships with others)

• Left out 10th commandment (covet) and 1st tablet (dealing with relationship with God – no other gods before me)

• Not as righteous as he thought he was

• No matter how good you may be, you’re not good enough to make it to Heaven on your own

• Before you can be saved, must realize that you are lost

D. Concerning his lack of understanding (v. 22)

• He thought this life was more important than the next one

• I would get saved, but….

• Friends, family, job, lifestyle, habits

• He threw away his only chance

Acts 4:12


• Jesus makes a shocking statement (vv. 23, 24)

• The current belief was that those that were rich were rich because of God’s favor

• Camel and eye of needle – not a gate…impossible

• Not just impossible for rich….impossible for anyone who puts something before God

• Jesus makes the point that salvation comes from God, and we can do nothing to earn it or deserve it, only accept it when it is offered (v. 26)

• Who do you say Jesus is?

• What are you trying to do to earn salvation?

• How do you see yourself in relation to sin?

• What is keeping you from Christ?

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