Summary: There are at least four reasons why healing comes.


Text: Acts 3:11-21; 4:1-4

Introduction: This is a beautiful story of the healing

of the lame man who had been crippled all of

his life and he was over 40 years old.

Divine healing is fascinating. We live in a

world that is plagued with disease and afflic-

tion. People are always looking for a cure, an

antidote, or something to deliver them from

their suffering and pain. We have many

questions regarding healing.

1. Why does Jesus grant healing?

2. Why does Jesus perform miracles?

3. Why does He pour out His Spirit and grace?

4. Why is one of the gifts, healing?

This lame man was no stranger to the

multitudes that came to the temple. They were

used to seeing him begging for alms. But when

he was healed,the people rushed in and were

curious. They marveled, wondered, and were


This lame man was now holding on to

Peter and John and you can’t blame him.

Simon Peter took this opportunity to preach.

He asked a question: “Why marvel ye at this?

or Why look ye so earnestly on us?” Before, he

said to the lame man, “Look on us” and the

lame man did. Now he says, “Why are you

looking at us?” He sees in their eyes a

look of amazement, and something that is

not suppose to be there. Something that a man

of God is not to welcome or encourage. This

man was not healed because of the apostles.

Peter said, “Why look ye so earnestly on us,

as though by our own power or holiness we

made this man to walk?”

It is a divine principle that

God does the healing according to His mercy

and grace. No human being has the power

within themselves to heal. There is no

transference of power or healing!

Preachers can lay hands on you,

breathe on you, touch you, and anoint you with

oil but it is God that does the healing. No

man has the power to heal himself. Nobody is

ever holy enough or good enough to cause anyone

to be healed. It is not by our power or


So why does God heal? There are four

reasons that God gives to us in this text.


A. Peter explains in verse 13 why this man was healed.

a. “The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified His Son Jesus”

b. This same Jesus that you delivered up, and denied Him in the presence of Pilate.

B. The healing of the lame man is a divine testimony of the death of Jesus.

a. You denied Him who is just and holy.

b. You killed the prince of life.

C. It is out of weakness that we find strength.

a. Out of darkness there is light!

b. God turns it all around and brings glory.

c. What was meant for evil, God means for good!

D. He has glorified His Son!

a. He suffered to reach out and bless people who are suffering.

b. He died to give life to people who are dead in the trespasses of their sins.

c. He bore the stripes on His body to bring healing to people who look to Him and believe.

E. This is what this is all about!

a. To glorify His Son, He has brought healing and life.

F. Every time there is a healing it brings glory to Jesus Christ!

a. Every time a soul is saved it brings glory unto our Lord.

b. Every time we pray for healing, it is not just for our deliverance but so that Jesus might be glorified.

G. He is not necessarily glorified in our failure.

a. It is His power, glory and strength that glorify Him!

H. The more healings there are, the more He receives glory!

a. The more people that are saved, the more He gets glory!

b. The more people that are delivered the more He gets the glory.

c. The more works there are of the Spirit, the more He gets the glory.

I. When Paul and Barnabas were at Lystra, the people wanted to offer sacrifice to them.

a. They thought they were gods since a lame man there had been healed.

b. Anyone who is used of god must be very careful not to take the credit or receive the glory for what God has done.

c. They must bow at the feet of the Master and give Him all the glory.

J. Jesus cares about us!

a. He gets glory when deliverance comes and He manifests Himself.

K. We need a revival of Divine Healing!

a. To glorify God!

b. Until He comes down with healing in His wings!

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