Summary: A look at four passages in Luke that help us to puncture the self-centered tendencies that come so naturally in our culture.

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WHAT JESUS EXPECTS: He told us to be servants, but it’s hard to know how to move in that direction in such a self-centered culture.

- Luke 22:24-27.

- It is a little difficult for us to understand how to be servants when we’re so used to being the center of attention:

a. Stores cater to us to win our business.

b. Advertisers try to amuse us so we’ll buy their products.

c. Social media allows us customize our experience so we only hear voices that agree with us.

d. Social media allow us a platform where we can speak and have others praise us.

- We’re used to be served more than we’re used to serving.

- Even for their culture, what Jesus is saying was challenging.

- In v. 25 He says that this is not the way they normally saw things working.

- In v. 26 He says things that sound peculiar to our ears. What do we do with them? How do live them out?

- We talked last week about how difficult it can be for us to understand the concept that Jesus is putting out here when He calls us to be servants.

- What I want to do this morning is look at four passages that share some specifics about what a servant heart and a servant attitude looks like.

- These are toe-stomping passages. They challenge us to go beyond what our culture tells us and to try to embrace the call of Jesus. Hopefully they’ll paint a picture that’s clearer.


1. So much of what you’re proud of was given to you.

- Luke 19:13-20.

- A key part of our self-centeredness is people stuck on how great they are.

- How much time is spent on social media drawing attention to ourselves? “Here’s a picture of me: comment on how pretty I am.” “Here’s what I did today: tell me how terrific I am.” “Here’s what I accomplished: everyone praise how far I’m going.”

- Now, I’m not saying that we should never post a picture or tell what happened in our day or share an accomplishment. There is a place for it in moderation – the sharing of life.

- But it is so easy with social media to have everything be about me: you are the center of the world around which everyone rotates.

- If you don’t believe me, just compare the number of posts where people share something about what they did with posts where people share something about what others did. Are there some of the second category? Yes, but they’ll be dwarfed by the first category.

- The parable of the ten minas has a lot in there that is worthy unpacking, but there are just three words that I want to focus on for this morning.

- Look with me at v. 13, which tells us that the master gave each of his servants a mina, which was a unit of money back then.

- Word #1: Gave.

- The master gave them each a mina. They didn’t go earn it – it was given to them.

- So much of what we have in our lives was given to us by God: our looks, our intelligence, our personality.

- Sure, we have a part in it: we can dress nicely or never take a shower. Still, the original gift is from God.

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