Summary: Keys to walking in deliverance and fulfilling one’s purpose

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Infirmity = Asthenia (Greek)

• It speaks of weaknesses.

• Lacking strength (want of strength).

• Inability to produce results.

• Also translated as diseases.

There is an evil spirit behind it – The spirit of Infirmity.

The spirit of infirmity is the devil’s tool to limit us and ensure that we don’t fulfill our purpose in life – Jer.1:4ff.


Principally it causes one to be “Bowed…Low”

A. Prevents one from standing up straight – weakness

B. Creates a Dwarfing effect – reduced.

C. One’s Vision is Obscured.

 Limited vision/insight.

 Can’t see far.

D. Only Reality is the ground/dust – this is the serpent’s food – Is. 65:25.

E. Produces bondage.

 No freedom to move properly/freely.

 Enslaved by the condition.

F. Prevents us from being “lifted”.

 No Promotion.

 No Advancement in life.

 Inability to Excel – Gen.49:1ff.

G. Produces Low Self-esteem and a “Defeatist” mentality – The 3 “I”s.

 It is a spirit of Intimidation.

 It encourages your Insecurities.

 It emphasizes your Inabilities.

H. Limited from maximizing one’s potential.

I. It denies you your Inheritance and causes you to live in a beggarly state.


1. Don’t get Comfortable with it (Even when others are).

 Your deliverance might not excite some people.

 Your condition enhances their “religious ego”.

 Stop seeking the sympathy of men – Jn.5:1ff.

 Stop seeking the support of men – Is.46:1.

 Make up your mind to be better.

 Satan is not paying you a casual visit.

 He came for the long haul – 18yrs.

 As long as he is allowed he will stay – Eph.4:27.

2. Don’t Use it as an excuse – Remember the 3 “I”s.

 To stop fellowshipping – Ps.73 & 77.

 To stop connecting with other believers – Acts.2:41ff.

 Make up your mind to continually serve God.

 Be like Job – healed or not I’ll worship God.

3. Desire to be free – Is.1:19; Ps.110:3.

 Freedom is always better than bondage.

 Though it carries a great responsibility.

 Be fully Persuaded like Abraham – Gen.18; Rom.4:17ff.

4. Take the Leap of Faith.

 Your deliverance would require a radical action based on a simple understanding.

 “It is my right to be Healed, Free, Delivered irrespective of where and how”.

 You must boldly declare this “right”.

 Dare to declare it – Prov.14:3; 18:20ff; Matt.12:34ff.

5. Keep at it - Don’t give up.

There are two kinds of freedom – “Being Set Free” and “Being Made Free”.


Requires an External Influence / Requires an Internal Influence

Based on another’s revelation / Based on personal revelation

Can be Short-lived / Usually long term

Can produce dependency / Produces independence (interdependence)

Likened to a jump start in life / Likened to having a fixed battery

Usually immediate(instantaneous)/ Usually maintenance in orientation

• Keep Mending and Washing your Nets – Lk. 5:1ff; Mk. 1:19.

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