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Summary: what is true freedom ?



Freedom is the state of liberty that results from not being oppressed or in bondage

Freedom in its basic form is the choice.

Every morning Adam and Eve woke up they had the freedom to choose to obey or disobey God.

You and I have the same freedom today

So freedom comes in two stages;

1. The freedom to choose.

2. Then to continue on in that freedom you have to make the right choice.

Man has this unique little thing God put in each and every human being when He created us. Man has a will, making him in every sense a free moral agent and a responsible being. And that’s why we’re not absolutely free.

Because we’re responsible. We are accountable for every deed, every word, or every thought that we take time to dwell on.

Here in our text Jesus is having a debate with the religious leaders .

Jesus said I will give you freedom

They said we are never been slaves to anyone

That is wrong they were slaves in Egypt , Babylon , Assyria and now to Romans

They are ignorant of their condition and boasting in their tradition

It is easy to boast in the tradition of our fathers ; but we need to follow their footsteps and faith .

Here in chapter 8 we see the process of discipleship

1. Hear the truth –the word of God

2. Believe it

3. remain in the truth

4. becoming the disciple

5. know the truth

6. truth will set you free

First part of this is Doctrine and Second part is Promise.

The truth is always the same it won’t change , we should know the truth to be free .

Example. Camel which was tied to a pole

Those who believe in the WORD should intentionally remain in the WORD

The evidence of salvation is seen in a continuing walk of faith.

If you remain in the word that will lead you to the truth because the word is truth John17.17 ” sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth”

Connection between truth and freedom are important

Truth never leads to bondage .

Know the truth that you are free

Romans 8. you are free from judgment –no condemnation 1-4

Free from defeat –no obligation 5-17

From discouragement – no frustration 18-30

Fear –no separation 31-39

Ignorance is not forgiven

Ignorance is dangerous John.8.14, 19, 27

It is the Satan’s strategy is to keep us in bondage

REMEMBER we are free, but not independent from god

We are dependent up on god

Even if we are free Satan will try to take us back .Exodus , Pharaoh .


1.The Scripture makes us free v.8.32

2.The Savior makes us free 8.36

Freedom flows from written Word to Living Word

3. The spirit makes us free 2 cori.3.17

We are free from what?

1. We are free from the bondage of Satan Hebrew 2.14

2. We are free from sin 8.34-36

When you remain in the word you have freedom from sin

A] Free from the penalty of Sin John3.36 Rom8.1,2

B]Free from the power of sin

C] Free from the presence

3. Freedom from Law

We are free from the condemnation and oppression of the Law

4. Freedom from the fear of future 8.51

5. Freedom from Death 1 Cori.15.22, 23

6. Freedom as the Son Gal.4.5-7

Freedom is not free, Jesus paid the ultimate prize

His own LIFE

Galatians 5.1

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