Summary: This sermon takes a serious look at the freedom that we have in Christ and the implications for our daily lives.

Freedom That Truly Matters

Galatians 5: 1-15

1. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free (1).

A. From Guilt.

B. To Worship.

C. To Pray.

D. To Serve.

Illustration: Football in the yard vs. high school football.

2. Our righteousness comes by waiting, not by working (5).


A. We have not fully realized this righteousness.

B. We should “eagerly await” the full reality of this


C. Our anticipation is made possible by the Spirit

within us.

3. We must be careful not to lose focus (7-9).

A. The Galatians started out solidly but were

interfered with.

B. We must be careful not to allow things to

interfere with our pursuit of Christ and all He has

for us.

C. Often our distraction starts small but quickly

grows to become all consuming.

4. We must constantly be aware that our freedom is a

freedom to serve not to sin (13).

A. We must be in a mindset that ask what our

freedom means to the Kingdom of God, not to


B. There is no reason to abuse the freedom that is

granted by Christ.

5. Utilize this freedom to live and love (14).

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