Summary: What kind of person would you be today if the Holy Spirit had not led you? If God were not guiding you according to His plan and His purpose who would you have followed? Who would have been you role model?

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Can anyone remember how we used to communicate with other people by writing letters? I saw on the news on Friday that the post office want to put up the cost of 2nd class mail.

Apparently less people are sending letters than ever before, so they want to charge more because they deliver less.

Today we rely on email and text messages to communicate with others much more than traditional posted mail or snail mail as its called.

Before text messages, before email, the three fastest ways to communicate information were:

Telegraph - Morse Code.

Telephone - Verbal Communication. and

Tell a woman.

Well those were fast, ways to communicate but today we have Text Messages, Facebook and Twitter.

Messages appear in real time on our computer screens, our mobile phones, iPods.

Today through the power of the Internet we can have friendships with people around the world.

Does anyone use Twitter or Facebook?

How do you use it? What do you say?

Is there something more you could use it for?

If you are my friend on Facebook you will know that most days I post, verses from the bible, thoughts, links to Christian Music Videos and words of encouragement to other people.

On my Facebook account I have a number of “friends” that I have never physically met - some of them are friends of friends that have been encouraged by what I have written to other people.

Others have become friends after listening to our Podcast. It’s amazing the lives that God is touching.

I get a lot of feedback on what I post, some people comment so that others can see what they say to me and others send me messages that others can not see.

And strangely some people even re-quote what I post to their own group of friends.

Last Monday Evening I spent quite a while in prayer.

I spent time some time praying for various situations, things that I knew about from talking to people in the real world, things I knew about from communicating with my online friends and things that God just placed in my heart.

And as I prayed, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to post some verses from the bible and some words of encouragement.

Then I prayed a little more and then shared more things that I felt God wanted me to share with others.

Some of the things God prompted me to write I did not feel were directed at specific friends, but I felt that the Spirit was guiding me to share certain things for a reason.

On Tuesday morning 3 of my friends contacted me, one from Australia asked how I knew what was going on in their life.

They had not shared with anyone an issue they were facing and were amazed that the words God had led me to post had spoken comfort and encouragement and direction to them.

The second person was someone in the USA that said, they had been praying that God would speak into a specific situation in their life they felt that God had answered via a specific music video I had shared. They were pleased it had spoken into their life when they needed guidance.

Then I got a message from another friend which simply said, Thank you, you can stop putting things for me on Facebook now, I get the message.

Isn’t God wonderful - 3 different people, three very different situations, and God spoke to each of them.

God used typed words of encouragement to bless, direct and encourage these people and I praise Him for doing that.

Then Tuesday afternoon 2 more people contacted me because the Lord had spoken to them through the words He had prompted me to write.

One wrote, today God has taught me that I’m beautiful no matter what anyone tells me. God has taught me He has a plan for me. When the Holy Spirit moves—He really moves!

The other wrote something that warmed my heart even more: The Holy Spirit is doing something amazing in me today.

Pray that He will continue to keep my eyes, ears and heart open to hear what He wants me to hear and do what God is calling me to do.

Please continue to pray that I will be the person God has called me to be.

What a prayer, what a desire, what a goal to have in life.

To be the person God has called you to be.

And that got me thinking. Yes dangerous, I know.

You see I believe that the Holy Spirit does do amazing things in people today.

I believe that right now He is doing stuff in each of us, to refine us, to change us, to bless us.

What I started thinking about was, what if instead of becoming the person God has called me to be, I had become the person I desired to be?

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