Summary: Are you willing to allow the Holy Spirit to bring fresh fire into your life? Fresh fire, a fresh supply, fresh anointing, fresh Fire consumes - it burns out the sinful and unnecessary “stuff” in our lives.

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Living the Pentecostal Life Today

Our preaching this year is going to focus on The Holy Spirit and each month we are going to focus on a specific aspect of His ministry.

And this month our focus is the Spirit in the world today.

The Holy Spirit is an important part of the trinity, yet I would take an educated guess that the majority of sermons you have heard over the years have focused more on God the Father or on God the Son.

Now I know that you will have heard sermons about the gifts of the spirit or the fruit of the spirit - but many of us have never really heard that much about the Spirit Himself.

Even as a Pentecostal Church, even as Pentecostal people there is so much more for everyone of us to discover about the Holy Spirit.


The concept of a Holy Perfect God we get, The concept of God as Creator makes sense, Omnipotent, Omnicient, Omnipresent, we are comfortable with the concept of Father God

We understand that Jesus was real,

He was born, He lives a perfect life,

Jesus willingly went to the cross to,

and even though He was sinless,

He died in our place, as payment for the sins of those who trust in Him as their personal Lord and Saviour,

and on the third day - Jesus rose triumphant from the grave,

His resurrection - evidence that He was who He said He was - the Son of God, the Saviour of the world.....

.....Jesus, we are pretty comfortable that we know, what we know we know.

But, understanding the presence and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives today - now that is an area where some can feel out of their depth.

As Pentecostal people we can know more about the Spirit than we do,

we can draw closer to Him in our everyday lives,

we can sense His presence within us,

we can allow Him to work in us and through us,

we can experience a fresh sense of purpose,

we can experience a fresh fire in our lives,

a fresh fire that changes us, changes our families, changes the community that we are part of.

As a ministry team - our desire is that all of would not just know more about the Spirit but that we would experience His fresh fire in our lives as we allow Him to work in and through all of us.

This is a year that can really impact each and everyone of us.

Let me encourage you to allow yourself to be inspired, moved and changed by the Holy Spirit.

All of us at times can stifle the work of the Spirit in our own lives, don’t quench the power of the Spirit in your life.

Allow the Spirit to work in your life today.

Allow the fire to burn bright in your life - that your life may be a beacon to others.

Allow the fire of the Spirit to use you to bring truth and life and light to people who need to be in a personal relationship with God.

Today allow the Holy Spirit to make you the person God has called you to be.

If each of us allowed the Spirit to use us this year what a difference we could make - in our families, in our friends lives, in the life of this community.

What a difference we could make in the World if we allowed the Holy Spirit to take control Today!

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