Summary: arise unto the Lord

Looking at the text today one song rested in my spirit that speaks in a whisper but brings a giant roar “ONE VOICE” song by Brandy:

“I had a dream, a crazy vision, It may sound strange, this intuition, But it was true beyond description; And somehow I knew that it was real; When I saw: One sky above, there is just one source of love, If I've got one chance, one choice, I'll sing it from the heart, One song, one voice.”

It is clear that in the opening of the scripture Awake, Awake, Deborah Awake, Awake is the same as the opening lyrics to One Voice. When you look at the duties of the Lioness in the Pride she always rises for all reasons. Just as Deborah the prophetess did when God beacon unto her to not just Judge the people but to sing the song of Praise and Victory. Many of us as women and men have all had visions and dreams that displayed such strange intuitions within our spirits and when we awaken the next morning those dreams and visions plays over and over in our mind and spirit. But the question is today is do we awaken unto the vision and the dream or do we just do nothing.

Allow me the opportunity to give a brief history of these two books Judges and 2 Timothy. Now the book of Judges gives us an outlook as how God refused to give up on the Israelites in the middle of their indiscretions. No matter what the astonishing revelation is the way God’s Love responded with mercy and forgiveness unto his people. Deborah was the wife of Lappidoth and she was known for her Judgement unto the people. She embraced her calling to be a woman of Power and influence by leading them in a time of corruption and depravity. Such as the same as Paul who wrote to his Beloved Timothy while in prison to hold fast to his faith and stand strong for our Lord. Paul was strong in his Faith and assured in his last days that he will be walking with God. I realize you are pondering in your thoughts regarding the topic of “From a Whisper to a Roar.” For all of us as God’s Children to stand up and make a difference we must do the following:

1. Arise and confront the powers of darkness within standing in our full power in God

2. Arise and activate our power in the name of God with all our gifts of healing, faith and miracles

3. Arise onto the scene within our villages and communities and with a strong voice for the Voiceless

4. Stand and maintain our oneness in Christ Jesus to pioneer a mighty movement to all generations

5. Establish and be confirmed to stand and endure the test by being fixed as Paul in our Faith and assurance in God.

Now to activate such an anointing as Deborah we must implement our true belief in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost to be our wisdom and guide in the spiritual warfare we face daily. Possessing Strategic intercessor, developing a strong love and compassion for God and the people, using our heavenly gift of discernment for revelation for the people, have a maternal leadership and paternal leadership in the communities and villages, being mindful of military tactics in the battlefield with God, being able to stir up and motivate when spiritual conditions are low amongst the people, having a power desire to worship our Lord as a Spiritual Warrior like David.

Let me expound on Judges 5:12-13 Awake, awake, Deborah: awake, awake, utter a song: arise, Barak, and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam. Then he made him that remaineth have dominion over the nobles among the people: the Lord made me have dominion over the mighty. In this passage, we must realize that Deborah had to awake herself to plea to act for she also had to rouse from her complacency as a Judge. Think about it there are times in each of our lives we become content and complacent when God is calling out to us in a vision or dream. And we have yet to act unto this beckoning from the Lord.

“There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood,” says Elder M. Russell Ballard. By that quote alone women, I say unto you all Arise and take your place not just as a woman but a mother to nurture which is an Eternal Role. So be like the Lioness in the pride for they unite together for the common goal for the survival of the Pride. Take a moment and look around how many times have you witness a lost child, a young mother struggling, a young man bewildered with too many choices in the wrong direction, someone in need yet there are times we as Christians act like we don’t even see the hurt or hopelessness. But if we all stand together at one time no one will be left behind and lost for at that moment we stand up for Love.

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