Summary: This sermon will teach you how to tap into the wisdom of God when crisis come. The keys in this sermon will tell you how you should react when crisis comes in your life. You can overcome crisis!

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If you are going to pursue something, you need wisdom.

The bible is the Word of God. It is the wisdom of God. It is a standard to live by; there is an aura about the bible.

The bible is a crisis book and tells you why people entered crisis and how they got out it and how they avoided it.

Example: Esther

When the crisis came and all the Jews were to be destroyed, she avoided a major crisis by knowing how to react. She went to prayer and fasting!

Isaiah 43:1-3

In a crisis you will find people pursuing God.

All great ministries who had uncommon visitations or sicknesses can trace their breakthroughs through crisis.

Crisis: critical season where you determine if your dream lives or dies. Signal that your present season has used up all its advantages and a new season has begun.

Example: David was being promoted from a shepherd to a king when he was fighting Goliath.

In a crisis:

1. Your goal is survival.

2. Satan’s goal is distraction.

3. God’s goal is your education.

It is very critical that you recognize where crisis originated. You need to ask if you created it or did someone else create it (natural or satanic attack).

If you never acknowledge that you created a problem, you are destined to relive it or unable to correct it.

Example: Weight and financial problems.

Crisis is a time for you to learn.

The laws of God are not contrary. If you break them, they will result in crisis.

We have heard so much glitzy: Everything is going to be all right? Is that so…when it comes to crisis, we need to understand them. That’s why the graveyard is full and people are living in defeat!


1. Slow your pace. Narrow your focus. Stop long enough to evaluate what you are doing. You need to find where the problem is – overeating, spending unwisely, etc.

We like to blame everything on the devil. Some of us break so many laws of God that the devil can take a vacation and we wouldn’t miss him. We are absolutely killing ourselves with our choices.

2. Inform people in your inner circle so they can give you counsel and agree with you.

In the multitude of counsel there is wisdom.

Your inner circle can pray for you. Two will put 10,000 to flight!

There are many in crises because they don’t get counsel. (Example: buying a house or new car that is too much for them).

We can track our crisis to us breaking a law of God many times.

Value your counsel. If you can’t follow it, you need to find someone you can value. (Example: Friends getting married when the Pastor said it was not time).

Even kings and presidents have counsel.

Crisis always comes when you don’t get counsel!

3. Interrogate yourself.

Did I cause my current crisis? Did I say or do something? Is their miscommunication? Many of us don’t want to work with pain – we want to cut it off. Is there something I didn’t hear? Ask God to reveal any miscommunication.

4. Discern the hidden goal of satan in your crisis.

Is he trying to demoralize you? Embarrass you? Stop you?

5. Discern the wisdom you can learn in a crisis.

• Don’t make quick decisions.

• Mountains look bigger. Valleys look deeper.

• Don’t quit your job and get depressed!

• Elijah didn’t leave the brook until he had provision elsewhere.

6. Don’t ignore crisis – they don’t go aware because you don’t recognize


•Understand that something caused it – pride, greed, etc.

How many people do you know are poor trying to look rich?

How To Minister To Someone In A Crisis:

1. Listen to everything they say. Don’t cut them off.

2. Learn from what they are going through.

3. Ask questions to evaluate their level of maturity? Options? Have they thought of this?

Example: Looking for job. Interrogate them!

4. Recognize that it’s not your crisis but theirs. God uses crisis to teach people – especially the unteachable. (i.e. kids out of will of God and lose their car)

5. When someone is in crisis, you don’t know all the facts. What counsel have they received or ignored? Example: If they don’t have a home church, where are they getting counsel? Some people will come to you because they ignored the counsel of others. Don’t ask why but what?


• Crisis are learning places or schools of wisdom. They are places where God unclusters your life.

• Crisis binds you with the right people.

• God will put people in your life who believe in you.

• Admit you need help when in crisis. Don’t be embarrassed.

• God turns around crisis for your good – if you are obedient to the counsel or learn the education in crisis.

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