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August 10, 2003


LUKE 19: 1-10 (From Curiosity to Conversion)

A Chief of the IRS way back in Jesus’ times was converted to Christ! Is that good news to you?

I really love this story because of the fact that no matter what position/status you have, conversion must take place within you. This story of Zacchaeus gave us a picture of a complete about face (180 degrees turn around) after his encounter with Jesus.

Zacchaeus hold a high position in big time institution like the IRS way back his time.

He was a man who can buy what he likes because he is wealthy. He can do whatever he wants because he can afford to do it. He used his power and influence to make things work in his favor.

In our present time, a lot of people are like Zacchaeus who are aspiring for position, power and monies to make things work for self gratification and pride. It’s but normal to want those things to make life comfortable.

But the big question is how do we accomplish and do things? What is our motive?

Will it make us better person in the sight of God and people?

While I was praying for a message to be delivered today, the Holy Spirit led me to this part of the Scripture and it spoke to me so vividly that I was very inspired while doing this sermon.

V. 3, “and he sought to see who Jesus was,” . This text show us that this wealthy man was curious about who Jesus was. He must have heard something about this man named Jesus who was walking in the streets.

I was made to believe that he probably heard something about Jesus in his office.

There might have been instances that he heard people talking about the wonders and miracles that Jesus had done- His power to heal… His power to change people’s lives, behaviors and characters…

I know for sure that there were people who have seen Jesus did things that are worth talking about and they did not shut their mouth.

Apostle Paul was right when he said, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10: 17

Zacchaeus faith all started from what he had heard from people who talked about Jesus.

Let’s talk about Jesus my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

We need to share Jesus Christ, we need to include the love of Jesus Christ in our conversation because there are many Zaccheaus out there who are listening to us.

V.4 “So he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him (Jesus Christ)…

Because he is short just like me, he ran and climbed up into a sycamore tree.

My friends, the moment Zaccheaus did that, he forgot all about himself . All he knew is that he was curious about Jesus and he needs to do something to see Jesus.

If I were him, I would probably not climb that thorny tree. But Zacchaeus did.

For Zaccheaus, it didn’t matter as long as he accomplished his purpose- that is to see and witness before his eyes who Jesus is.

In our case, we don’t need to climb a thorny tree to see Jesus. The Lord has provided us a beautiful & air-conditioned chapel so that we can encounter Jesus. We sit in a soft cushioned pews with beautiful music courtesy of Madam Donna during our Worship Services. We enjoy the beautiful facilities freely given by God and the generous people of the Methodist Church.

We need to take advantage of this opportunity and invite family and friends so that they will also feel and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in our worship services.

We need personal encounter with Jesus Christ to do this.

V.5 “And when Jesus came to the place, He looked up and saw him, and said to him. “Zaccheaus, make haste and come down, for today I must stay at your house.”

Jesus Christ knew us by name. He knew us who we are. He knows where we live and what kind of life we are living. He knew us more than we know ourselves because He is our Creator. I believe there are things we don’t know about ourselves but Jesus does know us even to the very detail of our life.

Jesus Christ commanded Zaccheaus to come down because He must stay in his house.

What a command from Jesus Christ! We need to listen my friends.

I know that there are things that we still keep in ourselves that hinders our personal encounter with Jesus.

We need to come down, we need to take action, we need to surrender the heights of our pride and come down.

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