Summary: What are you trying to do on your own that you cannot overcome? Jesus has given us a promise that we should not worry, but take heart, He has already overcome the world. Will we submit to Him and allow our faith to rest in His abilities?

From grief to joy with Christ

John 16:16-33

On Wednesday we discussed the work of the Spirit:

• Jesus promised the Spirit to be given to us; and He will testify to Christ

Re: Claims that the Spirit said something contrary to God’s word is FALSE

IDEA: If we will listen, we will hear, and we will know the things of God

∆ Grief will become joy

Jesus continues to discuss with the disciples this concept of leaving

Re: Wed night discussed that it was a GOOD thing for Him to depart (redeem)

So, the disciples have begun to discuss this concept amongst themselves (v17-18)

Jesus tells them what this means; note the response: they grieve/world celebrates

Why would the world rejoice? Sin is always celebrated (ALL sin … we like it)

But, for them even in grief there is rejoicing (v21); consider baby being born …

Jesus says, once you see me again, you will REJOICE at what has happened

Re: The resurrection hasn’t happened yet – but their JOY was made complete

When we ask for something in Jesus’s name, there is no magic thing … but …

It connects us to Him by faith; it honors Him as God; proclaims His lordship

IMP: God does not do something because we ask on our virtue, but on Christ’s

It’s critical that we understand God hears us because of what Jesus has done

∆ Doubt becomes faith

Jesus makes an incredible promise to them: a time is coming for plain talk (v25)

EX: Go and make disciples (Matt 28) … not ambiguous direction for them

Re: Jesus speaks quite clearly about the father during 40 days after the cross

His instruction to them is clear; and they will have more info coming

Again, Jesus lets them know their asking God for something on our behalf

The explanation takes us back to the vine and the branches (ch 15)

We are bonded to Christ because of who He is; so God loves us b/c of Him (v27)

Now watch this … perfect example of how one verse can be critical (read v28)

In one sentence we see origin, incarnation, crucifixion, and ascension

IMP: (v29) Doubt turns to faith because of the Spirit’s illumination

APP: We can read this and understand, because we have the Spirit

The disciples do not yet have the Spirit, so they are missing the illumination

But, they claim to understand what Jesus is saying – that He is from God

However, their understanding is still without full comprehension

∆ Peace is given to us

Jesus shows them that a time is coming for them to be scattered (His arrest)

Even closest will leave (v32); but He is never alone (lesson for us - with Spirit)

And now Jesus gives them a final word that even today we can hold onto

Inner peace comes from Christ, it is not something that is manmade

If you are in Christ, you belong to the One who has overcome the world

Even in all the troubles of the day and all the challenges we have – Christ has won

IMP: Not, He will win – but already has won (It is finished)

Our fear turns to peace when we learn to apply Jesus’ victory to our lives

We have been given an incredible gift – an ability to not focus on the worry

Fact: We have been told these things for a reason

Fact: We will have trouble

Fact: Jesus has already overcome it all

∆ Big Idea : Even in our grief, we can have peace and rejoice in Christ


What ails you today?

What are you trying to do on your own?

Why not try allowing Christ to show you how to overcome?

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