Summary: Sermon on Nebuchadnezzar. Pride carried him from the palace to the pasture ! Beware of pride !

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From The Palace To The Pasture

Daniel 4:1-37

I. See The King Flourishing In His Palace. V.4

a. He was secure.

Nebuchadnezzar was the King of Babylon. He is best known as the King who conquered Judah, destroyed Jerusalem, and carried the people of the Jews captive to Babylon. The prophecies of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the final chapters of Kings, and Chronicles are centered about his life. Nebuch would reign for 43 years and his empire stretched from what is today Egypt to Western Iran, from modern day Syria to Saudi Arabia-It was the greatest empire of the known world at his time.

b. He was sucessful.

Babylon was an incredible city. It contained two of the seven wonders of the ancient world. There were the hanging gardens of Babylon, which Nebuchadnezzar constructed. And he built the wall of Babylon, which according to Herodotus was so thick that there was enough space on top for a four horse chariot to turn around. Nebuch constructed many temples to his various gods, and shrines as well.

c. He was strong.

Perhaps the most powerful King in all the world at that time. In his heart, he felt that there was no one stronger than he !

II. See The King Fearful Upon His Pillow.

a. Notice his dream. V.5

Do you dream ? Those who supposedly know, don’t ask me how they know, say that most everyone dreams every night. Nebuchadnezzar was man who dreamed alot. His dreams were nightmares. At least for him. God seemed to be always trying to get his attention through dreams. Perhaps he was so busy thinking of all his possessions, and power during the day that God had to waited til he was still to try and speak to him.

b. Notice his dread. V. 5,

The dream filled him with terror. He literally trembled, probably woke up in a cold sweat.

c. Notice his decree. V.6

He brought in all the wise men from his empire.

Daniel was the only one who could give the interpretation. Notice that the dream so disturbed Daniel that he stood in amazement for a hour before interpreting the dream. V. 19

III. See The Kings Future In The Prophecy. V.20-27

Daniel interprets the dream for Nebuchadnezzar.

a. The displacement foretold.

Nebuch like the tree in the dream shall be displaced. He shall be brought low !

b. The derangement foretold.

The dream tells of derangement that shall come upon the King.

c. The dwelling foretold.

No longer shall he dwell in the palace, but among the beasts in the field.

d. The duration foretold.

Seven years shall he be in this condition.

IV. See The King Foolish In His Pride. V.30

a. Notice the possibility. V.27

Daniel counsel the King that he repent of his sins, and shew mercy to the poor.

b. Notice the patience V 29

For one full year, Nebuch was given an opportunity to repent, and seek God’s mercy.

c. Notice the pride. V. 30

The King hardened his heart against the Lord.

He forgot the dream, and the interpretation thereof.

His pride shall be his shame !

V. See The King Feeding In The Pasture. V.31-33

While the word was in his mouth God spoke from heaven. The judgment was pronounced !

When Judgment came, it came swiftly !

a. He went from the best to a beast.

b. He went from the palace to the pasture.

c. He went from grandeur to grazing.

VI See The King Fixed In His Praise. V.34-37

For 7 years he had his head bowed to the ground eating grass like a beast.

a. Notice the return. V. 34

At the end of the days, he lifted up his eyes unto heaven

b. Notice the reverence.

c. Notice the restoration.

The Kingdom is restored unto him as the Lord had promised !

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