Summary: How God takes us from the Pit of our Problems and Predicaments to the Pinnacle of Peace, Praise and Power.

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I. Pits

A) Pits were common in Palestine.

1. Different Types of Pits (Deep; Shallow; Lined)

2. Designed to Hold Water

a) Containers - Vessels

3. Make Comparison to Preacher/Pastors & Churches

B) Pits Can Become Prisons

1. Cases of Joseph & Jeremiah

2. The Pulpit Can Become a Prison

a) Causes

1. Ours - verse 12

2. Parishioners - verses 14-15

3. What We Preach - verses 9-10

C) The Question Is: What Do you Do?

II. When the Pit Becomes Your Prison - Wait.

A) David said in verse 1 "I Waited..." What is he saying "Nawvah"?

1. "Bind together by twisting-Collect yourself

He Gathers himself in a bundle-Waiting to be Gathered as crops.

2. Expect: Look Forward to

Look Long for the Lord

III. When Pits Become Prisons The Lord Performs: By His Face & Hand

A) His Face is for my Assurance

1. David said in v. 1 "He inclined unto me."

Before the Lord puts forth HIs Power, He Provides a Preview of His Person.

a) He Inclined (to Bend Over To Show His Face)

The Lord bent over the hole to show David His face.

b) In the Pit we need a Sight of the Lord’s Face-Favor.

2. "And Heard My Cry" - Showed David His Bended Ear

a) Before the Lord showed David His Hand, He showed him His face!

b) His Face Precedes His Hand.

3. "His Hand" - v. 3 "He brought me up"

B) His Hand is for My Testimony

1. "Upon a Rock" - The Pinnacle

2. There is Singing on the Rock - verse 3

3. There is Praise on the Rock - verse 3

4. There is Revelation on the Rock - "shall see it"

5. There is Awe on the Rock - "fear" v. 3

6. There is Salvation on the Rock

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