Summary: There can be no fruit until there are roots. The fruit is a result of the roots. No roots, no fruit.

How would you define fruit? What is fruit?

W.E. Vines says, “Fruit is the visible expressions of power working inwardly and invisibly. The character of the fruit being evidence of the character of the power producing it.”

God has some established principles, and this is one of them I want to share with you tonight. There can be no fruit until there are roots. The fruit is a result of the roots. No roots, no fruit. The problem we face is that there are a lot of members in this church with no roots. That is why some whiter and die, fade away. Proverbs 12:3. God’s people are to be as a root in the ground. To bear fruit upward, Ephesians 3:17; Colossians 2:7

I. Taking Root Downward, Bears Fruit Upward

1. Notice some things about roots, and the same is true of the roots a Christian is to have. If he is to bear any fruit.

2. Roots are to be unseen.

a. The beauty of a tree is the foliage. The blossoms and the fruit. The roots are not the beauty.

b. The most important thing of the Christian life is the unseen parts of it.

1) Matthew 6:16

2) Psalm 91:1

c. 2 Timothy 2:15

d. Hebrews 11:1

1) James 2:18

2) 2 Corinthians 4:8

e. Matthew 6:2-4

1) You can tell how much root a man has when you see how he reacts when things don’t go his way.

2) Some people react in a negative.

3. Roots are unsightly

a. We love the foliage year-round: green, yellow, brown, but the roots are unsightly.

b. Same is true about the Lord Jesus’ plan of salvation.

1) Genesis 4:1-5; reason many are not saved today, salvation is unsightly to them.

2) Cain’s offering was no doubt beautiful, but it was rejected.

3) Abel’s offering was bloody, burning, unsightly, but accepted.

c. This unsightly Savior is the only way to Heaven.

4. Roots are unsung heroes.

a. Roots are never praised. The foliage, flowers, fruit are the attraction of the plant or tree.

b. Christians are not going to be praised in the world

c. The Pharisees loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.

• Who do we seek praise from?

d. Thank God for the unsung heroes in our church.

1) Book work, deacons, bus drivers

2) Nursery workers, children’s church, families that clean the church.

5. Roots are unselfish

a. Reaches down into the earth, brings up chemicals and nourishment through the vines and trunks and produces the foliage and the fruit.

b. They pass on and give everything they have and get.

c. Matthew 3:10; you can not kill a tree by just clipping the leaves and limbs. You have to destroy the roots.

d. We have a great need for folks who have roots. Who will give unselfishly to the work of the Lord?

6. How many tonight can say, “Preacher, I do have some roots in my Christian life.”

a. Hard to move roots, always there doing what they are supposed to do.

b. A good test: if you have roots, then you must have fruit.

II. Bear Fruit Upward

1. Luke 13:6-9; fruitlessness is a displeasure to God.

2. John 15:1-8; God’s desire is that we bear fruit.

a. Verse 2,6; fruitless lives are a sign you are not in Christ.

b. Verse 2, 5, 8; if you are bearing fruit it is God’s desire that you bear more fruit. Much fruit.

3. Galatians 5:22-23; the fruit of the Spirit. Are these evident in your life?

4. Proverbs 11:30; the fruit of the righteous, soul winning, John 15:16

a. Jesus knew the attitude of many, fruit bearing time is now.

b. John 4:35-36

5. Many will leave this world without any fruit.

a. Lot; saved but no fruit.

b. Luke 12:16-20

6. Do you have roots downward? Are you bearing fruit upward?

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