Summary: This sermon deals with the three steps you can take to overcome frustration

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Text: John 21

Frustrated Fisherman


A. Seven of the disciples were together at this

time. Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, James and John

(the sons of Zebedee), and two others whose names

are not mentioned.

B. Peter decides to go fishing on the lake, and the

others agree to go with him.

C. There are times I go fishing and I can’t find a

way for the fish to bite.

a. I don’t like going fishing without catching


b. So after I have tried every lure I have

c. After I have tried every bait I have

d. I keep on trying because most often the key to

catching fish is great patience.

D. However, the disciples found a better way to catch

fish. They listened to the Jesus’ instructions.

As we consider this story, I would like to look

into Christ’s questions to His disciples?

Christ’s first question reminds us to…

A. Share Our Heart With The Lord

a. Notice what Jesus asked the disciples in verse

5, “Children have you any meat?”

b. These men were a group of hungry, tired, and

discouraged disciples

i. For they had fished all night and caught


ii. Many of us experience what they were

feeling daily…

1. Many times we feel discouraged

2. Many times we feel depressed

3. Many times we feel exhausted

c. Jesus called to the disciples, asking His

life changing question…

i. He already knew the answer, but He wanted

them to share their need. The scripture

says that the Lord knows our need even

before we ask Him.

ii. He knows how things are in our lives, but

He longs for us to tell Him about them.

d. Jesus works miracles when we share with Him

our need

i. You see before one can be saved, they must

admit that they are lost

ii. You see before Jesus can fill us with His

power, we must admit that we are empty

iii. What kind of need do you have in your life


1. Do you need strength

2. Do you need deliverance

3. Do you need encouragement

4. Do you need joy

5. The Lord is the only one who can meet

your need.

6. Philippians 4:19 says, “My God shall

supply all your need according to his

riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

e. James 4:2 says, “You have not because you ask


i. If you have a need God has an answer.

Bring your need to the Lord in faith and

He will grant you the answer to your


ii. I’m convinced that if we will take our

needs to the Lord He will provide us the

answer to our request.

Christ’s second question reminds us to…

B. Seat The Lord First Place In Our Hearts

a. Notice Jesus’ question to Peter in verse

15, “Simon, son of John, do you love Me more

than these?”

b. Jesus was asking Peter if he loved Him move

than the things around him

i. Peter do you love me more than the sea?

ii. Do you love me more than your boat?

iii. Do you love me more than fishing?

iv. Do you love me more than your friends?

c. Jesus wants first place in our lives. He

wants us to love Him…

i. More than we love our possessions

ii. More than we love our jobs

iii. Jesus wants us to love Him more than we do

anything else

iv. Jesus wants us to place His will, His work,

and His desires above our own.

Christ third question reminds us to…

C. Serve The Lord With All Our Heart

a. Jesus told Peter that if He truly loved Him he

would feed his sheep.

b. Is your love for the Lord moving you to be a

servant for the Lord?

i. We can all give something in our service for

the Lord

1. God expects us to give Him our time

2. God expects us to give Him our talents

and gifts

3. God expects us to be faithful

a. Faithful to do His work

b. Faithful to do His will

ii. If we will give what we have to the Lord –

He will greatly reward us for all our


c. We manifest our love to Christ by serving


i. God called Peter to care for His flock.

ii. This is the chief work of a pastor.

iii. This is also the task of every Christian.

1. By serving others we serve Christ.

2. I Peter 4:10


A. If we have a need The Lord has an answer.

a. He will meet you where you are

b. He will provide you a miracle if you will call

out to Him

B. Jesus insists on having fist place in our lives

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