Summary: You were made to fulfill your divine purpose

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For we are what God has made us….. Ephesians 2:10


"We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works ...."

• Our English word "poem" comes from this Greek word translated "workmanship."

Think about it--there is no one in the world like you. We all compare ourselves to others, and we often try to remake ourselves in the image of someone we admire. But God has made each one of you unique. We are all different and that produces a variety of great blessings for our world. Each of us was uniquely designed, or "shaped" to do certain things.

J.P. Moreland in his book, Kingdom Triangle observes:

"Make no mistake about it, this drama and this Kingdom’s agenda is at the center of the meaning of cosmic history and your own individual story. Like a grand conductor who calls in the flutes at just the right time, your Father has brought you into the Cosmic Symphony at your unique place in time and space so you can be a vibrant outpost in your sphere of influence. In short, you are here to be an apprentice of the Lord Jesus to learn how to live your life well as part of God’s broader purposes. This is your calling, this is your destiny, this is your only chance to have a life of genuine, full human flourishing."

1--MY S.T.R.I.D.E. for Ministry







1 Peter 4:10: Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others.

Spiritual gifts are special abilities given to every Christian, by the grace of God, through the Holy Spirit, to be used to serve and strengthen one another and to glorify God. No two persons are exactly alike. We have different abilities, dreams, and preferences. God has created us with a specific purpose in mind, giving each of us a unique S.T.R.I.D.E. on our faith journey -- Spiritual gifts, Talents, Resources, Individual styles, Dreams, and Experiences.

Lisa Jefferson, the phone supervisor who took Todd Beamer’s call on Flight 93: "I believe that God used me as a messenger for the Beamer family and to deliver God’s message the way he wanted it to be delivered, and I’m pretty sure that God used me for that reason. You know, God has an assignment for you that only you can fulfill. And I think God uses us as we are with our unique gifts, abilities, and experiences. And I wasn’t prepared for my test on September the 11th. I went on faith and made myself available. God is not concerned about your ability, but your availability."

2--My divine purpose in life is to BE ___________.

Jeremiah 29:11: For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.


God has blessed you so that you can go forth and bless your world. Don’t almost give – BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE! Go and fulfill your divine purpose.

I WILL BE ALL THAT I CAN BE! I will go and fulfill my divine purpose.

ANSWERS: 1-- Spiritual gifts, Talents, Resources, Individual styles, Dreams, and Experiences.


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