Summary: As Christians, we need to seek fulfillment, contentment, and peace with God.

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We have been told over and over......and in many different

ways that we should be fulfilled and content in Christ.

A. Too often, this fulfillment and contentment is not

defined and directions to achieve this goal are


My questions is this: Are we all content, fulfilled, and at

peace in Christ, Jesus?

A. I cannot read hearts or minds, but I can note

actions and attitudes.

1. When I see those in the Body of Christ

seeking after and desiring the same things

that the world pursues......I have to think that

many in the Church are not content with

being in Christ.

2. When I see the problems and the worry and

frustration which is connected with those

problems.......I cannot think that Christ is

a real presence in these Christians lives.

3. When I see the attitudes of the world creeping

into the Church....I have to think that

somehow....many are overlooking Christ, in

their lives.

I still believe that a person can become fulfilled, content,

and at peace in the Lord.

A. I do also think, however, that for this to happen,

Christians must follow certain guidelines that are

laid out in the fourth chapter of Philippians.

I. We need to rejoice, in the Lord...Phil. 4:4-5

Phil. 4:4-5 - 4Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say,

rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be known to all men. The

Lord is at hand.

A. In verse five, the Greek can be translated, “Let

the fact that you have yielded yourselves to God,

be made known to all men.”

1. It’s the world that has nothing to rejoice in.....

no real genuine


a. Our rejoicing tells the world that we have

yielded ourselves to God and we have

reaped a reason for rejoicing.

B. People just naturally dwell on all their woes, cares,

and troubles.

EXAMPLE: Shake hands with a certain individual. I say

“Good morning”.....this individual......without

fail, will say, “What’s so good about it?”

** I know that this person is kidding.....

but I also think that this thought is just

naturally not far away from everyone’s


1. The natural man has much that is

dwell on.

a. The car is not running well.

b. The kids are getting bad grades in school.

c. I have a toothache.

d. How in the world am I going to make

the car payment and the rent....seeing as

I had to take Joe to the doctor’s.

e. On top of all back is in agony,

my neck is sore, and I have a splitting



C. How does God or mankind expect me to rejoice

when I am faced with 101 different problems.

1. “I believe that God will understand if I can’t

find it in me to rejoice”.

D. The word that is used, in the Greek, is in the

imperative other words, it is not is a command of God.

1. But what can I rejoice in.......being as I am

so burdened down with cares, worries, and


** Let me see if there might be anything to rejoice in.

a. We were all headed on a flaming crash

course set on hell and destruction.

1.) Long before we even knew our own

danger, Jesus saved us.

b. Through nothing that we have done to

earn this distinction and honor......we

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