Summary: We see here in our text Moses giving the children of Israel a stiff warning ... you see they were about to enter the promise land. So we read here in out text [v.12] ... Moses cautioning them to NOT FORGET about God.


Deuteronomy 6:10-12

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On 22 November 2006 at Greater Faith Church-Baptist

Waukegan, Illinois

We see here in our text Moses giving the children of Israel a stiff warning ... you see they were about to enter the promise land. So we read here in out text [v.12] ... Moses cautioning them to NOT FORGET about God.

In fact leading up to this caution in the preceding chapters ... he reminded them of all the great things that God had done for them. Yet ... [v.11-12] he informs them that they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Allow me to summarize ... so that I can quickly get my point. It is as if Moses is saying you been drinking water from a rock; you been eating manna from heaven but you are about drink some cold water from some wells that you never dug, and live in some houses with all the latest gadgets that you did built,

You are about to do what most fat folks call “some good eating” off of some trees that didn’t even plant.

In other words Moses is telling them that ... you are about to blow up and get some stuff that your credit score did not qualify you for.

Yes like most folks Israel had some bad credit ... and was not deserving of what they were about to get. Yes, their previous credit history reflected that they were unworthy, irresponsible and had an ungrateful attitude ... nevertheless Moses informs them that they are about to blow-up ... and in their blow-up-ed-ness; he cautions them to not forget about God.

And we ain’t no different ... our credit score reflects some late payments of praise; some of us 30, some 60, some 90, 120 days late on giving God some praise for where he has brought you from.

Yet ... in spite of your delinquency, He has allowed some of us, like Israel to live some house that we can’t really afford and some neighborhoods that we know that we ain’t got no business living in. Fenced and gated communities ... and if you look out on the parking lot ... some of us are driving cars that we never imagined that we would be able to afford ... so don’t tell me God ain’t good.

I stopped tonight to caution you this Thanksgiving Eve ... and tell you to be FULLY BEWARE that in your blow-up-ed-ness and in your got-it-going-on-ed-ness that you don’t forget about God.

Well ... lets look real quickly at our text to see if we can find some clues that will help us this Thanksgiving Eve.

1st clue ... [v.11] ... watch the last word of the scripture FULL”

Well ... this words is directly related to prosperity ... Don’t make sense, ok, let me help you. Notice that the first six portions of [v.11] talk about God keeping a promise and giving Israel some stuff that they don’t deserve. But the last 8 words of the scripture starts off “WHEN” ... “when thou shalt have eaten and be full”

In other words ... when you get your stuff ... don’t sit back and rub your belly and suck on your teeth ... and think that it was you ... that supplied that house, that water and that food that you enjoy. Let me drive you home ... watch this [v.12] first word “THEN”

In other words, God is going to bless you with you with some stuff and WHEN He does ... THEN don’t you go acting crazy. In other words, when I hook up with this stuff ... then like momma them us to say ... Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

When you have eaten and are, FULL (when you got your stuff) ... WATCH OUT -- then beware. Let us stick a pen right here and deal with this word “BEWARE” for just about 63 seconds...

Beware means to be on guard. Let me help you ...we see signs that say BEWARE of Dogs ... and when we see that sign ... some us will cross over and get on the other side of the street. Yes, we are on guard just in case ... a dog comes.

That does help you ... ok, try this you go to Six Flags, or the Taste of Chicago ... then you may want to BEWARE of your wallet. You know because of pickpockets.

Men will turn wallet sideways, front pocket, make sure button is secure

Now women ... beware of a purse snatcher ... clutch purse

Not no shoulder but cross the neck

club ... on the dance floor and cant dance

if she leaves it on the table ... eyes on it while dancing

However, Moses ain’t talking about dogs, or about pickpockets ... no, he is talking about prosperity. He is saying, yeah you ate leaks and onions in Egypt, you ate manna, and drink water from a rock in the desert... but God is about give you some stuff ... so beware, be FULLY BEWARE and remember where God brought you from.

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