Summary: Everyone is given a measure of faith and it is up to us to use it correctly

Fully Convinced

There is something powerful about being convinced… I mean fully convinced. I was thinking about my life and how it has evolved as it has and I realized I have done what I have done, and I do what I do because I am fully convinced without a doubt that God has a plan for my life. I have sold my house, left the church that we started six years ago, Vida has quit her job and we have started a brand new work here in Cleburne when all around people are struggling to survive and find work and the economics are unstable… when it should seem crazy and irresponsible… because of one reason and one reason alone. We are fully convinced that God is able to do all that he has told us He would do. In reality the truly unstable thing to do would have been to not follow God’s leading. What seems in the natural to be the wrong thing is actually the only right thing we could have done. It is with this fully persuaded confidence that we move through life without fear or stress.

So in looking at life that way then I have to ask myself if I feel afraid, scared, tense, uncertain or any other negative emotion then why? Why in life do you feel like your world is without hope? Why do find yourself in fear? Simple… you are not fully convinced that God is able to take care of the situation your find yourself in. It is exactly the opposite results for a lack of faith than a heart full of faith. One moves forward in life expecting the victory to come and the other moves always expecting defeat and failure. Do you find yourself wondering what will go wrong next?

I want to talk about this today. Not the worlds view on the power of positive thinking even though I do believe it to be a much healthier way to go through life. This is not about wishful thinking… this is about being fully convinced that God will do all that he has said that He will do. That God does have a plan for your life and it is a good one. The power of believing even when life screams something different to you.

The simple truth is that you can only go so far on your own strength and then you are tired, you are wore out and find yourself quitting. You just do not have the strength for another day. Ever been there?

What if today I told you that starting now your life will be different? Finally you will see the good things come your way. Well most likely you would want to believe but would struggle to do so. You know it can happen but you find it hard to believe that it will happen for you. You find yourself wanting to know why you have no faith. Well the truth is that everyone has been given the measure of faith.

3For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. Romans 12:3

This scripture says God has given to each of us “THE measure of faith” No one has been left out when it comes to this. The issue is not do you have faith but have you developed the faith given to you. To believe for the right thing. You see you have faith to believe for something… the problem is that you have been believing for the wrong things. You have listened to the lies of the enemy, the testimony of others who do not have the God faith and they tell you what you can’t have and what you will have. You allow past days to dictate your faith for your tomorrows. You have been fooled into believing that is easier to accept life as it comes rather than to believe for the goodness of God. You have been told that you have to work up your faith, you have to get serious about it and that sounds too hard for you. The truth is this… a life of faith is easier to live and takes less energy than a life of no faith or misdirected faith.

You see a life lived on your own and in your mindset and in your own ability is exactly that. It is a life lived in your strength. That is a life that is constantly being beaten down, a life that is discouraged and a life that seems to be going thru one hardship after another. Now listen to me on this… do not get discouraged because this is not it has to be. You just need to have an adjustment done. You need your faith directed the appropriate direction and it is time to believe God for a change. I am talking today about be Fully Convinced and Fully Committed to Him! It does make a difference to God. He does care if you just give a portion of your life to Him and a part you hold out.

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