Summary: Funeral for a Godly Lady

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Philippians 1:21

This afternoon we gather to say goodbye. To say goodbye to Mrs. Pauline Lewis, a godly lady. A lady known as a mother, a godly wife, and a Christian friend.

Now, I feel no sorrow for Mrs. Lewis right now, because she is in a better place. I feel no grief for her at all, but rather, my sorrow is reserved for those who are left behind; those who will miss her friendship.

At times like this, we find that it is appropriate to stop and think, and to ask ourselves, what is the meaning of all this, what is meaning of life and death? Does it serve a purpose?

I believe the answer to that question is found in the writings of Paul. In Philippians 1:21 Paul writes, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” I am glad Mrs. Lewis was a Christian, because to her and every other believer, Christ is life.


1. Christ is the beginning of life – You see my friend, Christ is the beginning of life. For Paul, his life had begun all over again, it had begun anew on a road to Damascus. The same is true of Mrs. Lewis, when she accepted Christ, the old life was done away with and she truly began to live. But not only was Christ, for her, the beginning of life, He was also the inspiration for life.

2. Inspiration & strength for life – Making a living wasn’t wasn’t always easy in the Lewis family, and especially for Mrs. Pauline while she helped raise her siblings. It was Jesus who gave her the strength to go on day after day when times were tight. It was He who gave her the strength to take care of her children while helping her mom’s family as well. It was He Who gave her the strength and desire to keep such a nice house when many don’t even care.

It was Christ who gave her the strength and wisdom to excel in several professions and the drive to sew the special clothes for her family. It was He that gave her the heart to greet other children on the street when they returned from school. It was Christ and His Word, that helped her lay aside the labors of the day and finally rest at night.

3. Task for life – For Paul, the task God had given him was preaching and planting churches. But, God had another task in mind for Mrs. Lewis. He gave her the job of raising god-fearing children and grandchildren. He gave her the task of keeping a home and modeling what a godly lady, a godly mother and grandmother are supposed to be.

She took care with her cooking and sewing because she knew that was part of the ministry God had given her for her family. She loved the Lord, loved people, and wanted them to know her Lord as well.

My friends, for Mrs. Lewis & for all Christians, to live is Christ. But, for believers, to die is also gain.


How many people can truly say that for them, “To die is gain?” I dare say there are not many. If for me to live is money, then to die is loss. If for me to live is pleasure, to die is loss. If for me to live is self, to die is loss. If for me to live is ambition, to die is loss. If for me to live is this world, then to die is loss. But, if for me to live is Christ, then for me to die is gain, for in death we gain a better body.

1. Body – In this life we are trapped in bodies that age, get sick, break down, wear out, hurt, and finally die. All of these are the trappings which go along with the tents of dust we now live in. But, in death and in the resurrection we gain better bodies, ones that will never grow old, ones that will never suffer the ravages of disease, ones that will never suffer pain, ones that can never die. But, not only do we gain better bodies, we also gain better homes.

2. Better homes – Now, there are times when this world can be very beautiful. Lake shore drive, 415 bridge, orange groves, beaches, smokey mountains… Might even see beauty in some of the creations of man … new homes, subdivisions, …

Christians gain homes much better than any of these. Jesus said He was going to prepare a place for us. Sun shines eternally, streets of gold, gates of pearl… In that place are many mansions. We have waiting for us not a shanty in the suburbs, or a shack in the woods, but a mansion right on Hallelujah Square.

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