3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: General funeral for a faithful Christian


TEXT - Deut. 29:29 - "The secret things belong unto the Lord

our God but those things which are revealed belong unto us."

Death is not an easy thing to accept. Even under the best of

circumstances, death is a terrible thing. Nature has it’s

seasons but death can come to anyone, at anytime, in any

place. Turly we know not waht a day may bring forth.

We come here today with sorrow in our hearts and questions on

our minds as to why these things happen. Can we really know?

There are many unexplanable sorrows in life and we must

simply leave these in the hands of God who know all things.

All of us are sorrowful here today but the Bible teaches us

of 2 types of sorrow.

I Thess. 4:13 "But I would not have you to be

ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep that ye

sorrow not even as others which have no hope"

Some here may have a sorrow with no hope beyond the grave

while others have the sorrow of a friend that has gone on a

long journey and will be joining that friend shortly. The

Christian who dies and the believer who remains will one day

meet again. There is a glad reunion day.

________________ knew the Lord. He/she settled it at the

Cross ______ yrs. ago. (May personalize sermon here)

To comfort your hearts and ease the pain of loss, I want to

make 2 statements.

1st - ________________ did not die. God’s children do not

die. Jesus said it Himself in John 11:26, "Whosoever liveth

and believeth in me shall never die". 2 Cor.5:8 says,

"absent from the body and present with the Lord". ___________

did not die. He/she simply changed residents.

Like the old poem: I cannot think of them as dead

Who walk with me no more

Along the path of life I tread

They have but gone before.

Yes, Gone to Glory! ___________________ simply changed

residents from this world to the city of God. We are here

only to bury the covering. ________________ is not here. This

here is only the covering. The important part, the soul, the

being that made _____________ went to be with the Lord. It is

like when we receive a letter in the mail. We let the

covering drop to the side and read and keep the letter inside

that was important. God has left the outside here for awhile

but has taken _______________ to be with him.

We are told that when those who serve in the ranks of the

Salvation Army die they are listed, not under the heading of

"deaths" but under the heading "promotions". Promoted to


Even now ______________ walks among the patriarches of the

Bible . He/she did not die. He/she simply fell asleep in


2nd - This may be a shocker but if my Bible is right and if I

understand anything of the glories of heaven, then I believe

that it is safe to say that with only two exceptions ________

would not want to come back into this world of sin, pain,

trial, and sorrow.

The two exceptions are 1. Maybe to ease your sorrow

2. Maybe to urge some loved one to

turn to the Lord.

I was thinking _________________ has already seen the angels

for the first time. He/she has heard the angelic choirs, seen

sights man has never seen, walked the streets of gold, talked

to the people of the Bible. But best of all, he/she has seen


Edward Guest lost his little daughter and wrote this poem.


What glorious news they’s have to tell

If only they could write today

Those who have gone afar to dwell

Where all the glorious spirits stay

In fancy then I set it down

What Marjorie would pen for me

"I’ve touched the hem of Jesus’ gown

The way they did in Galilee

And thinking thus, I am content

To bear the loneliness and wait

Because I know her days are spent

In the company of heaven’s great

Let me change the 2nd verse ---- "in fancy then I set it down

what _______________ would pen for me. I’ve touched the hem

of Jesus’ gown the way they did in Galilee.

No --- I do not think that your loved one would want to come

back to the world.


Why did this happen?

Nature has ita seasons but death has no season. It can come

to anyone, at anytime, at any place.

Truly the Bible is seen to be true when it says "we know not

what a day may bring forth" - Prov.27:1

Why do our loved ones die? Can we know why? there are many

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