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Summary: A funeral service.

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Song (Amazing Grace)

Scripture Reading (Psalm 90:10; Isaiah 40:28-31)

Song (I Call it Home)

Message (“My Story”)

Song (Old Ship of Zion)

Benediction (Prayer)


Message: My Story:

The Psalmist said in chapter 30 and verse 5, “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

Jesus said, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his.” (He did say, in His sight; not ours.)

This occasion does not seem precious to us, after all we are only human.

Yet sorrow is not forever, but Love is.

Physical death is the path by which God has chosen for all of us in this room today to walk.

Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

Genesis 3:19 states that “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou [art], and unto dust shalt thou return.”

Psalm 104:29 “Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust.”

Ecclesiastes 12:7 “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

Ecclesiastes 3:20 “All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.”

Psalm 89:48 “What man [is he that] liveth, and shall not see death? shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave?”

Ecclesiastes 9:5 “For the living know that they shall die…”

Today our friend _____ is in the hands of a just God “who knoweth and doeth all things well”.

After Stephen had been put to death for the cause of our Lord, the brethren lamented his death in Acts chapter 8 and verse 2.

It’s not wrong to sorrow. To feel and experience loss.

But Christians do not sorrow like those who have no hope.

For Christians have HOPE:

Jesus said in John chapter 11 and verse 25, “he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live”.

______ was, unique; and I genuinely cared for him.

______was a likeable guy.

He had a giving heart. He was big hearted.

He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

He gave even when he did not have it to give.

_______cared about others; He shaved his own head in support of those who had lost their hair because of cancer.

______was a fighter; He was healed of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

He served his country from 1972 to 1974 in the Army.

He was a carpenter by trade and seemed to love to work with his hands.

______loved the holidays and he loved his family.

______was proud of many things:

He was proud of his grandchildren, as all of us grandfathers understand.

He was proud of being baptized.

He was proud of the work he had done on Churchill Downs.

_______was the kind of man who couldn’t wait for tomorrow because he knew he got better looking every-day!

_______loved the WildCats and they sent him off well:

On November the 2nd “Terrence Jones scored 22 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to lead No. 2 Kentucky to a 97-53 exhibition victory over Division III Transylvania on Wednesday night.”

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