Summary: One cannot afford to be neglectful of Spiritual things!

Funny How Some Cry Even Me

There is a great danger that many in the church today are practicing.It is so dangerous that the bible warns against this very thing.This danger is one of peril and one of risk.It is the danger of becoming a "profane" person.The word "Profane" means to be unhallowed and sensual; to be neglectful of spiritual things and a lover of the world and it’s things.

In Genesis 25:28-34

We read where Esau has been hunting,apparently for a long time.When he returns home from being in the field,the bible say’s," he was faint!"

After finding that his brother Jacob had already prepaired some food for himself.Esau say’s,"Feed Me;I pray thee with the same red pottage;for I am faint."

Jacob recognizing a prime opportunity tells his brother sell me this day your birthright.Not thinking rationally because he felt he was going to die,He tells his brother,"What profit shall this birthright do to me?"i.e. "What good can this birthright do me?"

While Esau’s behavior shows something about his nature.This situation shows us that He was a profane man,a man who cared little for spiritual things.Instead of being sensual(driven by his senses);

Esau should have jumped back and fled.But he failed to do so. Esau paints a picture of people who have no concerns about things to come.Even though according to Hebrews 11:20 they both were blessed by Jacob.Esau lost out on more than just his birthright.He also lost his fathers blessing that would have empowered him to prosper in every area of his life.(Future Things)

This blessing would have been an endowment of power resulting in prosperity and success.

Notice that later in Genesis 27:34 after realizing that he has lost everything he cries with an exceedingly great and bitter cry and say’s to his father,"Bless Me-Me also,O my father!" but Jacob said in v.35 ,"Your brother came with deceit and has taken away your blessing."(Read vv.36-40 to really see how profane Esau had become.) Like he did in v.34 he asks his father again in v.38 "Have you only one blessing,my father?Bless me-me also,O my father!" And Esau lifted up his voice and wept.

His cry reminds us of some funny things that people say when they are looking for God to bless them;but when the blessing doesn’t come the way they expected and how they expected.They begin to trip on God and say now Lord I know that you got something for lil ol’ me yes even me.It’s funny how people say even me.

Listen crying in sorrow for fleshly things with no commitment to become spiritually minded will result in a missed blessing.

Hebrews 10:35 tells us to,"Cast not away therefore your confidence,which hath great recompense of reward."

All Esau had to do was endure and he would have recieved the promise of God’s blessings;but Esau had more concern for the sensual things than for the things of God.

1Corinthians 15:58 say’s,"Therefore,my beloved brethren,be ye steadfast,unmovable,always abounding in the work of the Lord,forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."

That word "Abounding"-in the greek is per-is-syoo-o it means to superabound or excel:to have more abundance,to be better,to have enough to spare,to increase,to remain over and above.

Many people in the body of Christ are like Esau in that they don’t show much concern about getting the Blesser!

Instead they want the blessing(the sensual things).

These are the ones that always cry to God bless me Lord,I know you have a blessing for me?Why surely you do! But God say’s,"Don’t mock me!" So they find themselves disappointed,in neglect,being overlooked,resentful,cold,harsh,stressful and unpleasent because they haven’t connected to the Blesser. In order for the Blessings of God to take over your life you must walk in obedience.

You can’t possess unless you profess. i.e. your profession or confession of faith sets you up with God.After Jacob got his brothers birthright he was walking around and saying that I have got to be Esau because I need a blessing.If you will be foolish enough to give away your blessing I would take it too. Amen somebody!!!

In my closing:When you and I were born again into the kingdom of God we became heirs of and joint heirs with Christ;that means that everything that the Father has it belongs to you because it comes with the will.You and I have a birthright to the promises of God,so there’s no need in looking at me and getting envious or coveting what I have because while God is pouring out His blessings.You can look up to Him and say,"Even Me,Lord";because God’s got a blessing for you and He’s got one for me.All we have to do is reach up and get it. The Hebrew word for reach is Naga-pronounced naw-gah it means to touch.i.e to lay the hand upon(for any purpose), to reach (to acquire),to bring down and draw near to touch.

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